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  1. ""So what did you guys do? I asked the service guy. The short of the long is that there was barely none OR no lubrication in the track. They simply lubed up the track to my Vista roof and all is fine. I tested the roof after getting the keys and the nasty noise it was making was gone and the roof closed properly without much effort."" The above is from blueovalforums.com., under the Edge thread (page 2). I have had similar problems with my roof. I took it to the dealer, who kept it for 2 days. The dealer had to take it to a local sun roof company, since no one at the dealership knew anything about the BAMR. I was told it needs to be completely replaced, but I think they don't know bubkis. I am going to try lubing the tracks as soon as I get a chance, and see what happens.
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    ipod interface

    Ahhhhh......the car is equipped with a satellite antenna, if you got the Sirius radio....this antenna is that squarish black thing that sits on top of the rear dust deflector above the rear window....right above the CHMSL (pronounced "chimsel") I have yet to see any of the geeks actually put a satellite on their car...I guess it's only a matter of time, though.
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    After one full day...

    It's a pressure wave, created from the design of the vehicle.
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    Ford Will Offer HD Radio

    The HD Digital Radio Alliance is a joint initiative of leading radio broadcasters to accelerate the successful rollout of HD Digital Radio. Current members include major radio groups and independent station owners: Beasley Broadcast Group, Bonneville International, CBS Radio, Citadel Broadcasting / ABC Radio, Clear Channel Radio, Emmis Communications, Entercom, Greater Media and WBEB Philadelphia. That's because they are scared sh*tless about satellite radio. They should be more concerned about people being able to download songs from internet providers.
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    "Break-in" period for 07 AWD?

    Thank God!
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    Real snow usage

    The biggest, and most important thing, is to have the knowledge and skill to drive on the snow. All the 4 wheel drives and all wheel drives in the world won't do diddly if you don't have the skill.
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    Damsel Syndrome

    Go take your Thorizene, old man.
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    After one full day...

    Is this country getting so lazy that someone can't use a tiny little bit of pressure to hold a button down to make a window go up or down?
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    New Edge Owner

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    New Edge Owner

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    MOD questions

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    Where did I see this?

    Isn't that something the shyster from Watertown Ford in Boston was trying to sell for $40,000.00???