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  1. Here's an oddity after install of the USB Hub: Hub has been working great, used Carplay a few times already. I wanted to see if I was able to have my iPod hooked up/playing while having Carplay also in use. I had one OEM Lightning cable and one after market in my car so I tested with those. I couldn't get Carplay to register from the after market, so Carplay was working with the OEM. Carplay was on, but then couldn't get the iPod to register at all. I unplugged both, restarted my phone. Now neither cable will register either iPhone or iPod or charge or load up Carplay. I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences. I'm going to go out there with another OEM cable, with a fresh reboot of phone and car and see if anything changes.
  2. Tried a different USB stick and it's now updating , who knows what happened
  3. What do you mean by the hashes?
  4. Yup extracted the file to the root of my drive. I'm using EXTFAT... there is only 2 files the sync my ride and the auto file Very strange. The USB light is blinking , just nothing on screen.
  5. I plugged the usb into my car and nothing shows up that it's doing anything, is this normal? Should something appear on screen
  6. Where can I get that file to upgrade? Do you recall where you got the file? I've ordered the module, but obviously can return if I don't need it.
  7. Is OP still accurate that I can't upgrade from V1.0-Nav, if I want to start the CarPlay upgrade process myself?
  8. Livestrong16

    Sync 3 2016 upgrade to CarPlay

    If I'm reading correctly I'm sort of stuck with being with v1
  9. Livestrong16

    Sync 3 2016 upgrade to CarPlay

    Hey all, I'm currently in a 16 Edge Sync3 V1.0 I am tired of waiting for Ford and was thinking of doing the upgrade as alot of had success. I'm in a lease, can this in any way cause blowback? I understand there is always a chance of bricking system.
  10. It's a simply snap.. I will take a picture tomorrow and upload
  11. Livestrong16

    Bolt Pattern 2016 Edge SEL

    Thanks gonna check it out!!
  12. Livestrong16

    Bolt Pattern 2016 Edge SEL

    They don't have my year yet. Quite annoying lol
  13. Livestrong16

    Bolt Pattern 2016 Edge SEL

    Yeah I was putting black 18" on it. Website told me that information which was very frustrating. Is there anything else I need to specify for my car aside from bolt pattern?
  14. Livestrong16

    Bolt Pattern 2016 Edge SEL

    Where can I find out the bolt pattern of the 2016 model I have? I just bought rims per a website based on my year and make and when I got the rims the bolt pattern was incorrect. Per the website it had me as: 5 X 114.3
  15. Yeah I took it off and the middle was doing a sort of "S" shape. I brought it inside and let it warm up for a few hours and it went back to shape. It's much better now. I'll buy the rain X spray.