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  1. KonaBlueSport

    2007 MKX with 220K miles - First Spark Plug Change

    Wanna change mine on my MKX? Lol. Scared to try the rear plugs....
  2. KonaBlueSport

    What is in a Ford Tuneup for a 2011 Edge?

    Here's a guide on replacing plugs yourself. Note coil repl is same procedure as they have to come off to repl plugs... http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/8724-sparkplug-replacement-job-info-with-photos/
  3. KonaBlueSport

    What is in a Ford Tuneup for a 2011 Edge?

    Keep in mind service recommendations for maintenance are just that "recommendations" . As the old saying goes your mileage may vary. Depending on your driving conditions you may actually need to replace the plugs/coil before the 100k service recommendation. 85k miles is pretty good for plugs/coil. If you think your dealer is charging to much first get in writing what they will actually be doing as part of the "tune up", call a few other shops and compare. At the end of the day if it's too much for you you do have the option of doing it yourself....
  4. no worries man. Felt bad I wasnt there when you picked them up. Glad you got them in on time to use in this weather. Happy Holidays to you and yours....
  5. TTT.... Someone local must want to take care of their 20-22 in wheels thru winter. Or maybe replace the ones curbed by their significant other...
  6. Thanks man I appreciate it. It will be a while yet before Im able to drive. But once I am its on......
  7. Ok guys as a few may know I had a near death experience earlier this year. Had to have open heart surgery and it was touch and go for a while. am just now starting to get around after many months fighting off infections and other ailments. I had to give up my Kona Blue Sport and miss her alot. Am parting out what I have left of her stuff. I have a set of 4 factory Ford Edge 10 spoke wheels with Firestone all season tires. Wheels are in great shape only 1-2 scratches from a winters seasons worth of use. tires are almost new total miles was less than 3000 driven during the winter months. As a bonus I also will include a full set of the same wheels new in box. will include everything. full set of 4 wheels/tires and another set of new wheels. $400.00 for everything firm. Pick up only as I cant lift/pack/carry these. Just want them gone from my basement. wheels look like the ones pictured below.
  8. KonaBlueSport

    FS: 18in new factory Ford Edge wheels

  9. KonaBlueSport

    FS: 18in new factory Ford Edge wheels

    Sale pending...
  10. KonaBlueSport

    FS: 18in new factory Ford Edge wheels

    Yessir... Waiting to go to a good home...
  11. KonaBlueSport

    FS: 18in new factory Ford Edge wheels

    Still in boxes ready to go...
  12. KonaBlueSport

    Transmission clunk?!?!

    TSB does a reprogram to the trans ecu as a first step. If that doesn't resolve the problem then a modification to the trans will benessasary. Had the reprogramming done last week at my local dealer and so far so good...
  13. Had the TSB programming done Thursday and so far so good. No issues when decel and then on accel. Glad that's taken care of.
  14. KonaBlueSport

    FS: 18in new factory Ford Edge wheels

    Actually yes they will fit any edge 2007 and up.