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  1. No, I did not use the resistors. The seller sent me a short video how to remove the front end and how to connect the 2 headlight connectors to the car harness. Not a beep about the resistors. I reconnected everything as I saw fit and now it works. Thanks again y'all for your advice and patience.
  2. Yes, it did work before with the original Ford headlights. I did not change the wiring for the high beam at all, just connected it to the car wiring.
  3. I was too fast with my praise. The wife drives very seldom in the dark so I just found out that there seems to be a problem with the high beam. I can turn it on but it doesn't turn off. Only when I turn off the lights completely and back on, the high beam is off. Next time I use it stays on again. Can someone explain what is going on here? Thanks, Ed
  4. Finally installed the headlights, everything works fine. Thanks for all the input, greatly appreciated. Ed
  5. Guys, there are 2 connectors for the low and high beam. Can someone tell mw which is which? I'm trying to connect the new headlights and I'm getting conflicting explanations from the vendor. They can't even tell me what all the loose wires are good for. I may have to install the old headlights just to get the car going on short notice. It's all pretty frustrating.
  6. Guys, thanks for the input. Since I'm currently not replacing the turn signal bulbs I won't be needing the resistors at all, right?
  7. Nobody out there who can tell me what that darn resistor is good for?
  8. Thanks for the info. Btw, that link does not work.
  9. Guys, I'm contemplating replacing the turn bulbs with LEDs but I don't want to install those resistors and turn electricity into heat. Is there a flasher relay that would support that? I find conflicting info online about a flasher relay or some sort of electronic flasher. Which one does a 2009 Edge Ltd have?
  10. edgemaster

    TPMS sensor error

    I got me one of those gadgets and ran the relearn procedure. All is OK now. If the message pops up again in a few weeks, which I totally expect, one of the sensors is bad, right?
  11. I have received those headlights and I am somewhat confused about the electrical wiring. There is a red and black wire and two pairs of black/white wires, one pair at the bottom and the other pair at the top of the unit. Also there are 2 resistors in their heat sinks. Where do all the wires and the resistors go go? Thanks, Ed
  12. Guys, just received those new headlights that I had mentioned in an earlier post. They came with 2 resistors in case the blinker bulbs are LEDs. I'm planning to use the stock bulbs for the time being so I don't have to install those resistors, right? However, If I planned to install LED blinker bulbs, do I have to do it on all fours or can I mix? Do I need 4 resistors or just 1 per side? Another question: there are 2 pairs of white/black wires coming out of the unit, one pair on top, the other pair on the bottom. What are they for? I had contacted the seller but the support people don't seem to know what they're talking about (same gal that told me about 260000 lumens per bulb).
  13. edgemaster

    TPMS sensor error

    I spent $1600 so I m assuming they are new. I'm sure, if I'd ask them they would swear up and down they were new. I've ordered one of those gadgets that you recommended. Thanks for all the input.