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  1. Thanks, found it at the local ACE hardware store.
  2. Guys, the rear bumper protector (stainless steel) comes loose. Can anyone recommend decent glue or some sticky stuff that will last a while? Thanks, Ed
  3. One more piece of information: when I back up and the squealing starts I slightly hit the parking brake until I feel some breaking but the squealing doesn't change. So, seems the parking brake is not the cause, right?
  4. Didn't take photos cause everything looked normal to me. No separate pads, just the same c-shaped thingies as in the video. I don't know what exactly is squealing, hence my posting this in the first place. Sorry to be a nuisance.
  5. OK guys, current status: I checked the parking brake pads and the piston movements. The pads look almost like new, no difference in thickness to new ones. The pistons in the calipers move nicely, everything seems to be in ship-shape. So I closed everything again. The squeal is still there, louder than ever!
  6. Thanks, nice video but it does not address a 2009 Edge parking brake removal!
  7. Guys, I've just removed the rear disc/drum to replace the parking brake shoes but I don't have the foggiest idea how. I've searched the internet but can't find a youtube which explains the details. Can't figure out how that C-shaped one-piece is attached to the back plate. Can someone point me to a video that shows that? Thanks!
  8. I think you're right, I'll have to open everything up.
  9. No, the rotors and anything inside the parking brake drums were never removed. I'll have to check what's going inside those drums.
  10. But is it at all necessary to replace the parking brake shoes? They can't be worn thin from parking, right? Those pistons, there's no brake fluid involved, right?
  11. I don't understand what the thickness of the discs has to do with the parking brakes.
  12. Looks like nobody seems to have an opinion! Pity!
  13. Guys, just replaced my rear brake pads on my 2009 Edge. Everything works fine except when I back up the left rear wheel squeals awfully. I jacked both rear wheels up and checked the parking brake. Seems to work fine, relaxed or fully engaged. However, when the parking brake is only about half engaged, I can turn the right wheel forward and backward with some drag. The left wheel can only be rotated forward with some drag but not at all backwards. Time to replace the parking brake hardware?
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