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  1. Dyno, we've had our 2012 Edge for over two full years now. IMHO, bottom line wrt MPG is you can't fight physics. Our FWD with 18" wheels weighs hundreds of pounds less (like 400ish?) than an AWD with 20s. I can't speak for AWD vehicles not meeting their EPA numbers, but we consistently hit our 20/27 numbers. On a side note, DIY maintenance has been a breeze. I just finished a 30,000-mile maintenance today (my schedule) and it was easier than all my previous vehicles. Did a drain/fill twice (with a week between each drain) on coolant and ATF (to get to roughly 75% fresh), drained/filled power steering reservoir (easy to do with coolant tank removed), and did a two-year brake fluid flush the hard way (jack a single wheel, add jack stand for insurance, remove wheel, open bleeder blah blah blah), rinse and repeat 4x. Oil changes are an easy DIY as well. Relatively cheap insurance at 30,000 miles....and ready for the next 30k. Just my $0.02 FWIW....
  2. First off, congrats on your new gift from God! On a much smaller note, let's talk about your Edge. Coolant out of the water pump weep hole, in almost any vehicle, does indeed indicate a failing a water pump. That's why the weep hole is there in the first place. This doesn't mean coolant is escaping into the oil. That's more of a blown head gasket deal. With you're previous cooling issues, you're correct to worry about coolant getting into the oil. However, in my unofficial-but-not-a-total-idiot opinion, I say internal (to answer your question above). If it's eating you alive, you can send a sample of your oil to Blackstone Labs for a Used Oil Analysis (UOA). Cost a few years ago was like $22. ...just my 2 cents worth...
  3. Just passing the info FWIW. Got mine at O'reillys.
  4. Jeff, we went through your exact decision as well. Went with the Ltd due primarily to the upgraded stereo. We did a stereo A-B comparision at a dealer and it was no contest. I'd describe it like a transistor radio vs a real stereo (meaning much better stereo separation in the Ltd).
  5. Yup, we heard from our sales manager that it's due in Sep 19th. That would put it just over 2 months if the date holds. Thanks for asking! r/Pat
  6. Congrats! 8-12 weeks sounds about right, given all the paint supply issues. Dealer did tell us that "sold orders" like ours go to the front of the line to get painted. That may help keep it closer to 2 months. ...and a motorhome with the Edge in tow sounds like a great combination!
  7. True enough Dave. Hopefully, Ford gets their "area under the curve" tuned as well as the Germans. In our case, it was a moot point. We needed the tow package, which wasn't offered with the 2.0L...
  8. That's what we're hoping for as well. Only change they quoted was the addition of the 2.0L engine (which I, in my humble uneducated opinion, think will be an overworked POS, so no thanks). Colors and everything else the same. Invoice price was similar to 2011's. Figured save a model year's depreciation and go 2012, especially since there are minimal changes and buying programs price it right...
  9. Signed a deal for a 2012 Edge today. (Yes, they're taking orders for '12s now.) Delivery is early-mid Sept. FWD, Limited, Candy Red, 301A and tow package. 2.0L Ecoboost was a non-starter for us as you can't tow with it (nor would I want to). Deal is tied to a complicated consignment sale for my 2008 Corvette, with guaranteed buy-out price if it doesn't sell before Edge arrives. (Yup, midlife crisis is done. I'm now "over the hill".) Bottomline advice I'll give is to use a buying service if you have one. Takes most of the haggling out of the new-vehicle price. We had USAA (i.e. ZAG), Costco, and AAA available. (X-Plan is a bit better if you have it. A-Plan goes without saying.) With any buying service, you'll hold closer to invoice because the deal starts with the invoice price, not MSRP. Then of course tack on any rebates. Some additional FYIs FWIW, 1. There's a $1000 promotional rebate" on 2012 Edges already. (Not sure on the coverage area for this.) 2. Candy Red not available until Aug 29th. Tied to the Japan shortages. Looking forward to a long (I hope happy) relationship with our new baby! Pat
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