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    Multiple fault lights on dash

    Update. Battery is new, so I'll eliminate that. My mechanic scanned for codes, but nothing was logged. He said it's not unusual for an ABS sensor to randomly create faults. I've been on a couple of long drives since then, and no lights.
  2. 2015 3.5L here. I'll get this scanned by my mechanic tomorrow, but wanted to see if anyone can connect the dots. ABS fault light came on, shortly followed by traction control light, then wrench light. Any hints as to what to expect?
  3. Thanks Gary...… as to what cracked the splash cover, I'm guilty here. Tried to bend it to access the oil drain plug. Too lazy to remove all the fasteners. I thought about trying to repair it with some foil tape, but I was afraid it wouldn't hold, and come loose on the highway. I found a new replacement on Amazon, reasonably priced at $27.
  4. Can this front splash guard be left off all together? Mine is cracked.
  5. I recently had a trailer hitch installed. I'm trying to find the "sweet spot" to continue to use the foot sensor. What does this sensor look like?
  6. Does anyone know where the foot sensor is located? Under the bumper or part of the back-up sensors? Thanks....
  7. Was the the foot activated lift-gate opener affected by the installation of this hitch reciever?
  8. Looking to add a hitch and harness to my 2015 SEL. Wiring Kit suggestions? Lot's of options on Amazon. Feedback indicates some harness kits leave the connector inside the hatch? Good/Bad? For the Hitch Reciver itself I'll go with Drawtite 75234.
  9. Any suggestions on a Source? looking at Draw-Tite on etrailer. '15 Edge SEL.
  10. Sarnano

    Rear Sill Protector for 2015

    I bought the one recommended by Hermans. Found it on Amazon. It fit fairly well, but did not conform to the little 45 degree cut on the edge of the bumper. Regarding the SS one questioned by Tronjo; I bought one on Amazon, looked same as this. It DID NOT fit at all. The curve was different that the bumper. Seller refunded me.
  11. Has anyone found a rear bumper sill protector for a '15? I've ordered 2 from amazon, spec'd for 2015/2016, but didn't match the curve of the bumper. Had one on my 2011, easy to find back then.
  12. Sarnano

    Top likes/dislikes about 2016 Edge

    Check out your rear license plate. Mine was at an odd angle, just enough for a metallic rattle.
  13. Just bought a low mile 2015 Edge SEL. Traded my 2011 with high miles. Random thoughts: 2015 Likes Love the refreshed styling. Was getting tired of the massive chrome grill on the 11. Great color, "magnetic" gray. Was on the fence with this, so many other cars are gray. But I love it - deep deep metallic with black and chrome accents. Love the seats. Comfy, great bolstering, nice leather surfaces. My Ford Touch and Sync - had it on the '11, still love it here. Never had problems. Like the foot sensor lift gate. Noticeably larger rear storage area, at least 8" longer. Hydraulic hood supports, the '11 was manual Nav system - new to me, like it so far. Intelligent Access System - still getting use to this! Seems to work fine. 2015 Dislikes Electronic e-brake - the button is not well marked, always confuse on & off. The car seems much heavier than the '11. Feels nose heavy if that makes sense. Handling not as crisp as the '11. Anyone else notice this? Audio quality poor. Tried all settings. Too few USB ports !! Only 2 in the front console, nothing in back. The '11 had 2 ports in the center console, easy to reach for front an rear. Why all the 12 V ports? Every device is a tablet or smart phone today. Interior lighting is weak. I don't have the ambient options, but there should be underdash lighting. My old Edge had this. Just to add, I drove the 2011 hard for 108K miles, never a single problem (other than brakes and tires). Was still smooth, quiet, tight, no rattles, no sqeaks, everything worked. That's why I'm sticking with the Edge.....
  14. Sarnano

    Sync Update v3.6

    What's the # you called for the Ford USB?
  15. I noticed the "Cancel" button missing too. I used it a few times in the past when the screen locked up despite going into drive.