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  1. Just did the Gen 2 v3.5.1 update. The maps have been updated, the new card is version A4, they now have streets they didn't have before. MFT used to read my texts after the last MFT update but before the last update on my phone but I haven't gotten it to work since, I have a Galaxy S3 with ICS. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the Jelly Bean OS update on my phoneto see if the messaging will start working again. I did notice with this version of MFT that the phone now says something to the effect that Sync is requesting access to your messages, to which I always say yes. The bluetooth pairing is also much easier, the pin shows up on both the phone and MFT and all you need to do is confirm it is correct. Seems like a good update so far, I'm 6 hours into it
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    iPod indexing

    I have an older version (non-Bluetooth flash based) 32 Gb iPod Touch with MFT 3.0.2 and it takes forever to index. The previous version of MFT indexed very quickly compared to 3.0.2 for me. In fact, since I applied the update about 2 months ago, it's only ever finished twice and only after a two hour dive both times. I can access all of my playlists but I can't access the movies until the indexing is finished. Because of this, I am hesitant to update the music on my iPod Touch since it takes so long to get the movies back. Unfortunately MFT reset on it's own the other day and has begun the re-indexing process all over again. I guess no movies until I go on a long trip again