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  1. Apparently he needed to use the bathroom. Sorry Target

  2. She asked earlier today, why I don't go in the same slot as her in the revolving door. Tonight I did, and she wishes I didn't! Now she will never ask again

  3. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of the Bruins "dump and chase" offense? it's fucking awful.

  4. Tried to check out that website, but they were down for maintenance, and the secondary site didnt carry any bravox at the moment. i might just do the components and splurge on the stealthbox for some extra thump. but if you are going to build your own box, i would definitely be interested in seeing it to see what you did and what kind of sub you were able to put in there
  5. Thoughts on some infinity kappa 680.9cs components in the front with the alpine power pack bridged to 90 watts per channel and doing away with the rear speakers? If i do this, I would have to mount the tweeters separately. Has anybody checked to see if there is enough room in the pillars to add tweeters? I don't have tweeters in them now, and want to make it as easy as possible
  6. If I were capable of doing that I probably would. I would have to check with a local shop to see if they would kill me on pricing too. I'm semi satisfied with it, but I would definitely like a more well rounded sound. thoughts on the components just for the front doors? seriously considering just getting some comps up front and bridging the alpine amp to 90w per channel.
  7. was trying to avoid the cool grand ir so it would take for the stealthbox and amp, as far as the boom goes, should have just bitten the bullet a while back. i will look into an eq or signal processor, and still possibly a set of components for the front at least. i can always just eliminate the rear door speakers altogether
  8. i have an 08, so not sure if everything is the same, but i was able too drop in a polk db840dvc, all i had to do was change the locations of the mounting holes by drilling new ones, powered with a rockford fosgate r2501d, which fit behind the dash. had it professionally installed as far as the amps go, did the sub myself
  9. i know that it doesnt sound like what my little focus did though. i swapped out everything in there, but it was cheaper since i had a trunk to hide a sub box
  10. it sounds decent, but i want it a bit louder on the high end. i havent tried an eq or signal processor. i still have the stock hu, so it may not be able to twek too much. no tweeters in the pillars, they werent there in my 08, just plate type speakers in the doors. i think i get enough thump from the sub, just hate the plastic box its in. i should have gotten the jl stealthbox, but couldnt justify the $$ when i upgraded. post back what you figure out for yours
  11. Hey, just looking for opinions on components for my 08 limited. I have already gotten rid of the stock speakers and threw in two pairs of the kenwood kfc c6894ps for the front and rear doors. was wondering if i will hear a major difference with a decent pair of components. they are being powered by an alpine ktp-445u power pack which puts out 45w per channel rms. I still feel like its lacking a bit. also replaced the stock sub with the polk db840 dvc being powered by a rockford fosgate r250-1d. any thoughts on upgrading fronts, rears and the sub are appreciated. no boxes though, i need my storage area quite often. Thanks guys!
  12. Not sure why Riley Matthewslikes watching "the following" so much. The show paints all aspects of law enforcement as dumb shitheads. I gave up watching because it is just ridiculous. He is still watching. It's a mini series that has been dragged out way too long.

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