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    Buying Back my Lease

    I leased a 2012 Ford Edge Limited. At end of the lease, called the dealership and asked who I see there to buy the vehicle at the residual amount in the lease contract. They gave me the name of a salesman there that did that, I stopped by, wrote them a check, drove off, and some time later the title showed up in my mail box. Easy with no hassle. I like to lease, invest what I don't spend, then buy car at lease end. BTW....Still own that Edge....has been a great car. Only issue in almost 10 years has been the dash controller went out (or whatever you call it).
  2. I regularly use my 1 UP bike rack, when I go for rides away from home. Mine needs a 2" receiver. 1 1/4 receiver bike racks usually aren't stable enough for 3 nice bikes. Sometimes one an E bike, which is heavier than a 17-18 lb road bike. But like akirby said, don't need the wiring, etc. But would like the receiver to not detract from vehicle rear looks. Never liked how the current aftermarket hitch looks on wife's 2012 Limited Edge. And all the various brands are available close by.
  3. Noticed the factory Tow package requires AWD. I just need a 2" receiver for a 3 bike bike rack. Total weight less than 100 lbs. And I don't need or want AWD. But on past vehicles I have purchased, preferred the factory tow package because it (in the past anyway) included some other items like larger radiator, trans coolers, etc....stuff that I like whether I tow or not. (maybe I'm wrong about the benefit if not towing). The Titanium brochure says it has power hands free lift gate, so if I were to purchase an aftermarket hitch, will it interfere with the hands free function of the powered lift gate? Thanks
  4. Do I need to do anything special. Like having engine running when I take out old one and put in this one? Or have climate control and entertainment off? Vehicle has all the updates. APIM has been replaced and tech said I was all up to date. BTW.....This A9 chip came from a Ford site. One I got earlier off E bay only worked a few days than got message "insert valid SD card". Hope this one works.
  5. Services was like.....when you hit the button instead of saying "phone", I would say "services". Like give me stock quotes, and other things I can't remember. Our Edge came with a 3 year subscription free....and when the 3 years were up....I don't remember anyone asking me to renew. The only thing I will lose that matters to me is Sync would send a vehicle health report to my insurance company when I ran one, and report the miles driven. Now have a gadget I keep in the dash that operates off an app on my phone. Get an insurance discount for reporting miles and how I drive.
  6. Probably main difference is amount of boost....where the waste gate is set.
  7. Ford must embed some "code" into the factory SD chips to make them proprietary and the E Bay ones don't don't have that. But some report the E Bay chips working. Shucks.....the A9 one I bought worked for about 10 days before the "insert valid SD Chip" came on.
  8. and along wih that tech installed a new A9 SD NAV chip I purchased on E Bay. Everything worked fine.....for about 10 days. Then....started getting a message on the NAV line that said "insert valid SD Chip". Guess it didn't like the E bay A9 chip....from a company in Atlanta Ga. Installed the A4 chip I was using before....and so far.....everything works fine. Thought maybe some software update was needed for the A9 chip....but Syncmyride.com says my Edge has the latest update......Sync2 V3.10 From settings on the dash it says CCPU S/W 3.10.16180 So.....do I have the latest update? Hard for me to tell from the discussions on here. Or.....does it not like the E Bay SD chip? Will A9 from Ford work? At the Ford site where you order new chips ($149.000 US and Canada), looks like I do have the latest software. Sync my ride said I got a software update on June 25, 2018 with the new APIM. Car has been registered there from beginning when I bought it new, and shows full history of software updates. Says I'm up to date. I do have a portable Garmin with lifetime maps that works great.....and could live with that and the old A4 chip......but inquiring minds want to know....and you guys usually have the answers. Thanks
  9. My 2012 Limited edge had black screen....on and off for a while. Finally just stayed off. Put in new APIM. Now fine. Delership gave me "lifetime" warranty on the new APIM. $892 plus tax....I'm satisfied. Just a maintenance item to me. First repair expense I've had on this car in 6 1/2 years. Good car.
  10. RJG

    The truth about Edge A/C

    I have a 2012 Edge in hot humid Florida....and the AC is more than adequate. My neighbor was complaining about the "weak" AC in his Edge, and I asked him how often he changed out the cabin air filter? he said "what filter" ? I informed him his car had a cabin air filer than needed changing periodically. he changed it....and he told me "WOW"! Now his AC works fine. BTW....If my engine is running, the AC is on....100% of the time. if real cold...maybe the compressor not on....but I run my AC on auto all the time. Sometimes will put it on recirculate if behind cars, or interior hot from being in sun, etc.
  11. Lincoln dealership where I have the car serviced is doing it....$892.00. Just have to mark it up to maintenance....It's been a good car for 6 1/2 years. .
  12. FWIW....Have got two quotes of around $900 to diagnose and then replace the APIM. Could be worse. Question for some of you guys.....is the replacement model better than the one originally installed?
  13. It has the latest update that came with the A4 chip. Has all the updates I've been notified about. From Ford Owners site, and syncmyride.com, etc. Car has been registered from day one. I have a new A9 chip....but haven't installed that. Assumed no soft ware update needed for that.