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  1. I still have a My Ford Touch SD navigation card the newest one A-11 for $25, traded my Edge off 304 813 5973 Like Comment
  2. bubbadewsky

    Black Weather Tech floor liners like new........A11 map SD

    ...call 304 813 5973
  3. bubbadewsky

    WTB: 20" Chrome Clad Wheel(s)

    those wheels you have are 20in there is a company that sells wheel skins exact replacement https://www.hubcaphaven.com/p/25540/imp-3847-ford-edge-replacement-chrome-clad-wheel-cover-20-inch-single.html
  4. Best offer A 11 SD card is newest and works great A11.... floor liners like new 2014 Edge and other years Traded the Edge off....make offer
  5. bubbadewsky

    What color Antifreeze

    I went to the dealership today for antifreeze for my 2014 Edge and they told me they just changed the recommended antifreeze to a new type green that is not the old green or yellow. Can this be verified
  6. bubbadewsky

    WTB 20" chrome clad wheel

    https://www.hubcaphaven.com/p/25540/imp-3847-ford-edge-replacement-chrome-clad-wheel-cover-20-inch-single.html I just had new tires installed the dealership gouged the wheels and they replaced all four, very expensive. Check out these replacement covers they look good to me. Removal and installation vids are on U Tube. They also have replacement wheels. Good used wheels are hard to find
  7. bubbadewsky

    Chrome clad wheels

    if they are very good they will sell
  8. bubbadewsky

    chrome clad tire change

    Has anyone had rims gouged during tire change or balance. Dealer already replaced one and just destroyed another. Glad they are being responsible. They have a so called state of art changer and balancer. One was while changing and other on balance machine
  9. bubbadewsky

    Chrome clad wheels

    Has anyone tried replacement plastic clad covers on their 20 in wheels there is a place called hubcap haven that sells them they look good and good price....what do you think phone 877 482 4283 hubcaphaven.com
  10. bubbadewsky

    Dried blood on headliner

    Unfortunately they would not tell me but since you are not local maybe they will tell you or if possible stop by...Nelson Auto Sales ...Ridgeley, WV.
  11. Was on headliner for over a month, two spots both the size of a quarter. Took it to a used car lot that has an excellent detail shop. Half hour later blood gone and looks like new again
  12. bubbadewsky

    Did you guys read that ?

    Reread the post if you use a long enough transparent hose you can see when the dirty oil gets close to the engine. I used an icemaker hose and the oil was drained several feet before reaching engine. As far as asking a ford dealer, they all say you do not need to change ptu oil for 100,000 miles. Now what is the stupidest post
  13. bubbadewsky

    You already have a vacuum pump to change PTU oil

    are you a trouble maker or just afool
  14. bubbadewsky

    You already have a vacuum pump to change PTU oil

    2015 ford edge ptu drain plug with reinforced metal