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  1. Don G

    New 2013 Edge Sport

    Welcome to the forum. I moved from an '02 Chevy Trailblazer LTZ 4WD to a '13 Ford Edge Limited AWD.
  2. Don G

    New to the Forum...Easley, SC

    Well, my work is in Fletcher....I'm more at work, I think, than at home!
  3. Don G

    New to the Forum...Easley, SC

    Welcome neighbor. I'm just north of you in Hendersonville NC.
  4. Don G

    Hi Everyone..

    Great to have you here.
  5. Don G

    New member from Chicago ...

    Welcome, good to have you here.
  6. Don G

    allow myself to introduce....myself...

    Welcome to the forum, glad you introduced yourself.
  7. Don G

    Mooshin from Arizona

    Welcome to the forum! Great place to be at. I've got a 2013 Limited AWD, and I did get the Ruby Red...it looks fantastic in the sun. Enjoy yours.
  8. 2013 EDGE Limited AWD - mine has one too. Looks just like the one in the picture.
  9. Don G

    Miami to Chicago - Miles per tank highway

    I know this is the 3.7 section, but I have the 2013 3.5 Limited AWD, and I'll be going from Asheville NC to Atlanta GA on Saturday and coming back on Monday. I'll be watching it closely...however I only have 500 miles on it, picked it up last Friday.
  10. Don G

    New 2013 Limited Owner

    Welcome to the forum, you'll learn a lot here. On July 13th, I picked up my 2013 EDGE Limited AWD in Ruby Red Metallic with the 302a Equipment Group. This Ruby Red looks fantastic in the sun...it really pops! I'll be posting more about it in the next few weeks, this week has been rough at work.
  11. Good News!!! I called the dealer today, since I haven't heard from them since Monday, I'm picking it tomorrow at 3 o'clock! They said it would take about an hour to go over the MFT and sign the papers. Great time for it, this gives me Saturday and after church on Sunday to go over and add the few things i already have gotten for it. Hard wire a Radar Detector to the rearview mirror, I got a Escort 9500ix-RED and the Escort Live! bluetooth power supply, this is a pretty sweet radar detector...started using it today in my pick-up truck.
  12. :hyper: It's finally here...kinda. http://www.fordedgef...ic/10609-intro/ My leasing company said the vehicle shipped on 6/26/2012 and to expect it 7/5. I called the dealer they shipped it to on Thursday, but they hadn't heard anything about it. I drove by the dealer after they closed on Friday, 6pm. Only 2 EDGE's on the lot...none were mine. Same on Saturday & Sunday. They are closed on Sunday. Today, via overnight UPS, I get the documents to sign for the lease. I contacted the leasing company, he said he'll check on the location of it. So, on a whim, on the way home from work today, I go by the dealer again...IT'S THERE!!! Why the heck didn't the dealer call me???? I give the vehicle a once over. It's dirty from shipping, but it looks great!!! Then I notice that the dealer sure got their dealer badge and license plate frame on already. I guess that's the most important thing to do for it first! Forget about calling the customer or start detailing it! Even worse, I won't be able to pick it up until Friday, I have to man the fort tomorrow at the office all day, everybody headed out for training. Then on Wednesday and Thursday, my turn at the training both days, an hour and half away until 6pm. No way I can get to the dealer before they close. Oh well, at least I know when it's gonna happen. Thanks for listening to my rant! Don G
  13. Don G

    Just saying hi. New 2012 Edge Limited

    Glad you were able to become part of the "CLUB"
  14. Don G

    A new member, and a new 2013 Ford Edge Sport

    Welcome to the forum. Great to have you here.
  15. Don G


    Great to have you here, welcome!