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  1. DILLARD000

    Help with timing

    Thanks for that list of Ford Flex DoubleRoller Timing Parts; can anyone confirm what Flex Year+Model+Engin this is for? To convince myself this is a real option, will need to study+compare+confirm this list of DoubleRoller Parts to the SingleRoller Parts that I used last year rebuilding+renewing the TimingSystem+WaterPump+OilPump+... in my 2008 Ford EdgeAWD V6~3.5L~DOHC. Do wish I would have had this list+info to study & consider prior to that rebuild. By the way, that 2008 engine is running great, now almost a year & several thousand miles after rebuild. No regrets about taking the time+effort to do that rebuild, certainly compared to the crazy expensive alternative of buying a car to replace it.
  2. DILLARD000

    Fuel economy

    PS: As OxSensors age & wear out, again they inherently enrich the Fuel/Air mix, causing lower MPGs; this overly rich mixture also results in overly rich exhaust, causing CatCons to run hotter & wear out sooner, an expensive & avoidable repair. A Bosch 15719 with 24i00 0m610 Long Cable+Plug is good to replace any Ford 4WireNarrowBand Sensor.
  3. DILLARD000

    Fuel economy

    * OxSensors can't really be cleaned, their chemical\reactive coating gradually wears off & slowly will enrich fuel\air mix & cause lower MPGs; defintely replace if >100kMiles\12yo. An OBD2 Scanner can monitor OxSensor signals: once engine+exhaust are at full operating temp, both UpStream OxSensors should alternate 0.1v~0.9v, both DnStream should be relatively steady >0.6v. * MAFSensor definitely can be cleaned; do NOT use Carb\ThrottleCleaner or BrakeCleaner, much to harsh; use MAFCleaner\ElectricalCleaner\RubbingAlcohol & QTips. * Best to ignore & not use the "Instantaneous MPG" setting in the InstrumentCluster, it inherently jumps around; best to use the "Averaged MPG" setting.
  4. DILLARD000

    Fuel economy

    Yep, cleaning the Intake, Throttle, MAF can never hurt. How old are Plugs and OxSensors, should be renewed every 100kMiles or 12yrs. Oh, you did note above you'd changed the plugs ~15kMiles ago; may want to pull those & inspect anyway for color & proper gap. OxSensors will bias the Air/Fuel mix as they age to the rich end of the curve gradually until they finally cause a TroubleCode,
  5. DILLARD000

    Fuel economy

    @dabangsta Ok, guess I'll need to start driving like that. So your ThrottleBody also only has 2 positions, fully closed or fully opened?
  6. DILLARD000

    Fuel economy

    Have here a 2008 EdgeAWD V6~3.5L~DOHC; you should be getting ~17mpg local & ~21mpg highway; so something is not proper. With NonTowPack DualRadiatorFans+FanControlModule & single Fuse; believe actual Fans+Motors are the same as the TowPack, but TowPack has a dual output FanControlModule\FCM & dual Fuses. ThrottleBody does have an IdleAdjustment screw; note that if its changed too much, a TroubleCode will be generated, so make note of its original\factory position. Haven't found a Forscan method of changing the idle, but that may be possible. Glad to hear you've already PM'd that notorious InternalChainDriven WaterPump; mine failed at about 150kMiles to the external outlet behind the Alternator last year; had whole Engin+Trans assembly out of vehicle to change WaterPump, along with new TimingSet & upgrade to HiVolOilPump. Also added traditional MultiStageTempSwitch controls for Fans, wired parallel to FCM, maintains Fan ops & 192~198f Engin cooling if notorious FCM ever fails again. If yours is AWD, be sure to service the PTU & RDU with some fresh quality GearOil.
  7. DILLARD000

    Help with timing

    Sounds like good info...link to that spreadsheet & part numbers?
  8. DILLARD000

    Help with timing

    Good info\report. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the DoubleRoller TimingChains+Guides+Tensioners+Gears+WaterPump+OilPump are all for the later\newer 3.7L BoredOut Engin & do not fit the earlier\older 3.5L Engin?
  9. DILLARD000

    Coolant Leak

    Your avatar\profile does not note your Engin, but if it's the V6~3.5L\3.7L~DOHC, then you likely had a failure of the InternalTimingChainDriven WaterPump; notorious for failing at the outer PumpGasket &\or at the inner PumpBearing, then dumping Coolant into the OilPan, making that Coolant+Oil "MilkShake", which if run for more than a very short time destroys the Engin. Heard of people being able to flush out the MilkShake, replace the Pump, & get the Engin running again; I'd still be afraid of serious Engin\Bearing damage.
  10. DILLARD000

    Cooling Fan issues

    Yep, learned that the hard way. FanControlModule\FCM, mounted on the upper left corner of the FanCowling is a NotoriousFailureItem, along with the electric FanMotors themselves. Many of the aftermarket FCMs (Gates, Dorman, Chinesium,...) claim to be fully compatible replacements but in fact are NOT. Original FordMotorCraft version is PWM Switched on the negative side of the circuit; most of the aftermarket versions are PWM Switched on the positive side. Many aftermarket versions do not fullly communicate with the PCM; do not go full fan speed when needed &\or generate random TroubleCodes. Best to just tolerate the Ford parts money grab & divy up for new OEM ControlModule & FanAssembly.
  11. DILLARD000

    Overheating Issue, 2007 SEL 2.0L FWD

    A possible cause is the RadiatorFans ControlModule, mounted on UpperLeft corner of FanCowling; it's a NotoriousFailureItem, commonly stops responding to Computers FanSpeed signal resulting in engine overheating when idling or in Stop+GoTraffic. Replace with new MotorCraft OEM part only; aftermarket offbrand replacements are often not fully compatible or fail quickly.
  12. DILLARD000

    Ford edge rough idle after water pump change

    Doing the WaterPump is not an easy simple job, either with engine in or out of the vehicle.
  13. DILLARD000

    2007 Edge SE AWD - Getting to know it

    Welcome to the Herd! Lots of friendly knowledgable folk in these forums. Sounds like you're doing good getting your Edge in proper order. Be sure to renew the GearOil in the AWD front axle PTU & rear axle Diff; strongly recommend Drilling+Tapping a Drain & a FumotoDrainValve for that PTU. At 172kMiles, I suspect your PTU has already been changed out or is about to fail if never serviced. Click here for more info on Drain+Vent+Fill mods for PTU. You're likely already aware of the notorious InternalChainDriven WaterPump in these transverse V6~3.5L~DOHC engines; keeping ThermoStat+Coolant new+clean & making sure RadiatorFans+ControlModule are working helps prevent\delay that Pump failure. Click here for more info on replacing WaterPump.
  14. DILLARD000

    Ford edge rough idle after water pump change

    No, this forum is as "social" as I get. Can post vid to YT, then give us a link.
  15. DILLARD000

    Ford edge rough idle after water pump change

    Nothing simple about changing water pump on these transverse V6-3.5L-DOHC Engines; its buried inside behind the TimingChains!