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  1. DILLARD000

    Hi from the Alberta Foothills.

    Yep. 2010 Edge has the V6~3.5L~DOHC Engine with the InternalChainDrivenWaterPump, a NotoriousFailureItem. If it's the AllWheelDrive\AWD verion, it also has a RearAxle Differential+ElectricClutch+DriveShaft & the FrontAxle PowerTransferUnit\PTU, also a NotoriousFailureItem.
  2. DILLARD000

    Hi from the Alberta Foothills.

    Welcome to the Herd! Lots of friendly knowledgable folk in these forums. Watch out for that infamous InternalChainDrivenWaterPump in your 2010 V6~4.0l~SOHC engine: look for: * coolant leaking from frontside weephole behind Alternator * coolant leaking from topside weephole in EngineV * milkshake colored Oil on DipStick If any of above, stop driving vehicle immediately before more engine damage occurs & change out that WaterPump. Also, if your 2010 Edge is AWD with the infamous PowerTransferUnit\PTU, be sure to get that GearOil renewed now & every 33kMiles\4Years; use premium 75w140.FullSyn, AmsOil recommended.
  3. DILLARD000

    02 sensor

    Thing about OxSensors is they have a chemical sensing element that wears out with usage+time; as they wear out, gradually their signal becomes increasingly erroneously biased towards high oxygen content, causing the Computer\PCM to compensate & bias the Fuel|Air mix towards rich, thus MPGs tend to slowly decrease as OxSensors age & CatConvertors gradually run hotter to burn off that excess fuel. Eventually their signal will bias enough to be out of range of PCM program limits & sets a TroubleCode; well before that happens you're definitely paying for lower MPGs & wearing\burning out the CatCons prematurely. Ford doesn't have a problem with you paying more for fuel or paying them to replace CatCons.
  4. DILLARD000

    Any recommendations maintenance ?

    IgnitionPlugs, OxSensors, PCVVlave, Belts+BeltTensioner, CoolantHoses+Clamps+Radiator at 100kMiles\12yr intervals. PTU 75w140 GearOil, DIff 75w90 GearOil, Trans MerconV, Coolant+TStat+PressureCap, BrakePads at 33kMiles\4yr intervals. EnginOil+Filter, HandPump+Refill SteeringReservoir MerconV, HandPump+Refresh BrakeReservoir DOT4 at 5kMiles\6mth intervals. Don't believe Ford\Dealership claims of "LifeTime Fluids"!
  5. DILLARD000

    Motor Mount Thread Broke??

    Believe the Nut is welded inside that unibody frame member; & near impossible to get at to reweld. That's a tough one. May be able to cut the bolt & install a new bolt with a butterfly nut; not ideal but better than nothing. This bolt doesn't support any vertical weight, so make sure other 2 bolts are tight+torqued to spec; then your ok to drive it; just don't be too heavy on accelerating & twisting that mount.
  6. DILLARD000

    Water pump, early leak detection?

    Yep, definitely lucky to have the sheltered garage space; a lot of guys tough it out under a "shade tree" in all sorts of bad weather! Congrats on your "new to you" 2015 Edge, be sure to routinely change Coolant+TStat & PTU GearOil if fitted, despite Fords claims of LifeTime fluids Sorry can't help with your key problem; likely need a LockSmith\Dealer\PCMProgrammer; others in the forum sure to have a solution. Suspect a lot of dealers supply only 1 key with each vehicle sold, knowing customers will then have to spend several hundred bucks for a 2nd.
  7. DILLARD000

    Water pump, early leak detection?

    Not sure there's such a thing as "early detection" for a failed WaterPump, unless you're just lucky enough to have a "slow" leak thru the FlangeSeal & you're vigilant enough to notice it. Have here a 2008 EdgeAWD V6~3.5L~DOHC; just finished rebuilding\renewing these items: ~ the notorious InternalChainDrivenWaterPump, upgraded from PlasticImpeller to MetalImpeller (see pic below) ~ all Timing components excepting the VVT Sprockets (see pic below) ~ upgraded InternalChainDrivenOilPump to a Melling HiVolume unit while I was in there (see pic below) ~ new PowerTransferUnit\PTU, bottom drilled+tapped with FumotoDrainValve, top Vent & side Fill removed & both hosed up to FillCan under Hood ~ upgraded Radiator from NonTow 1Row to TowRated 2Row ~ all new Gaskets+Seals+Hoses+Belts+BeltTensioner as items were re-instralled ~ Engin+Trans LeftMount modified with StudBolts~Frame for easier Access\Removal\Install ~ Engine Bay cleaned+repainted ~ ElectricalHarnesses rewrapped ~ new front Struts\Shocks All of this was initiated due to WaterPump InnerFlangeSeal failing & spewing Yellow\Gold coolant out upper+front weepholes. WaterPump can fail 3 different ways: ~ the InnerFlangeSeal fails & spews coolant externally thru Front+Top WeepHoles without damaging Engin ~ both Outer+InnerFlangeSeals fail & spews coolant into the OilPan & damages Engin ~ the ImpellerBearing+Seal fails & spews coolant into the OilPan & damages Engin so I figure i'm damned lucky it failed the way it did. I pulled the Engine+Trans from the top; this was a tedious rebuild, 3month+ mostly waiting for parts; but she's now running good, hopefully for another 150kMiles.
  8. DILLARD000

    Stalling issue (couldn't find a tab on this)

    Had a simular random stalling issue with my wifes 2008 Edge. Never had a CEL or TroubleCode, but would randomly loose power or stall then immediately start again. After changing several parts, turned out to be the RadiatorFanControl box on the upper left inside of FanShroud, was randomly shorting out the PulseWidthMod\FanSpeed control signal wire from the Computer\PCM & killing the PCM & Engine. Installed a new FanController & issue went away. Was a devil of a gremlin to find.
  9. DILLARD000

    02 sensor

    Your 3.5L has a total of four 4Wire NarrowBand OxSensors: * 2 UpStream, 1 mounted in the top of each ExhaustManifold + 2 DnStream, 1 mounted in the side of each CatalyticConvertor. Al four are operationally the same with the same 4pinConnectors & pinouts; only difference is FactoryOE sensors have different cable lengths, otherwise they are interchangable. Again a Bosch 15719 with the long 24i00 0m610 Cable+Plug is good to replace any of those 4 NarrowBand Sensors. The 2 UpStream OxSensors are used by the PCM\Computer to determine Fuel+Air mix. The 2 DnStream OxSensor are used by the PCM\Computer to monitor the 2 CatCons, these don't effect the fuel+air ratio, but are required by EPA & most states. The 2 OxSensors on the front side (Bank2 OxSensor21 + OxSensor22) are easy to access+change. The 2 OxSensors on the back side (Bank1 OxSensor11 + OxSensor12) are harder to access+change,; see pic below. OxSensors have a chemical element that wears away with miles & time; they bias the Fuel\Air mix richer as they age, causing lower MPGs & the CatCons to run hotter due to excess fuel in the exhaust; thus all 4 OxSensors should be renewed every 100kMiles\12years, along with IgnitionPlugs+Wires.
  10. DILLARD000

    Wire harness alternator charging harness

    May be an engine ground wire; wild ass guess without a pic. Does need to be connected or electrical gremlins may pop up.
  11. DILLARD000

    Diagnostic Help

    How many miles on vehicle+PTU? May be able nurse this PTU along or buy+install a new PTU; your judgement call. Could ieasily Drill+Tap a drain in PTU (assuming it does not have one now) while you've got it out. Recommend a Fumoto DrainValve instead of a basic DrainPlug\Bolt; makes draining that messy GearOil much quicker+cleaner; use a short length of clear tubing directly into a recyle jug. Use premium SevereDuty FullSyn GearOil like AmsOil; personally I mix half+half AmsOil 75w140 + SAE250 GearOil for my 2008 PTU. Also have hydraulic hose running from PTUs TopVent & RightSideFill port, up to a VentFilter & FillCup next to battery under the Hood to ease refilling. Change this GearOil now every 5kMiles\6mths along with engine Oil+Filter.
  12. DILLARD000

    02 sensor

    Need to state basic vehicle specs: Year + Model + Engine +.... in your profile+signature+thread; makes asking+answering questions much easier+quicker. Personally, I've burned out all my "mind reading" senses over several decades trying to figure out what\who my wife is talking about. I know for the 2007~2010 Ford Edge\MKX, there are 4 NarrowBand OxSensors, each has a different length 4wire cable, but the Sensors & the 4pin connectors are all the same & interchangable, so a Bosch 15719 with the long 24i00 0m610 Cable+Plug is good to replace any of those 4 NarrowBand Sensors just use black ZipTies to secure\coil & route the Cable away from Hot\Moving parts. Of course Ford has different chaotic part numbers for each CarModel + specific sensor & dealerships will gladly sell them at jacked up prices. Just buy\order equivalent Bosch (FactoryOE supplier) new sensors for the best price you can find. Yep, these OxSensors do wear out & need to be renewed every 100kMiles\12years along with Iginition Plugs+Wires, to maintain engine performance & MPGs.
  13. DILLARD000

    Need hose part number

    Vacuum from IntakeManifold for the Brakes, not a complicated part, just simple hose for air vacuum. Can use above FactoryOE FordMotorcraft part at a premium price, or a couple of feet of much less expensive stock 5/8"ID Vacuum\Heater\Fuel\Hydraulic Hose by the foot from any parts store. Personally don't have a problem telling stealerships to stuff their outrageous prices, when I get the chance.
  14. DILLARD000

    Transmission Fluid change.

    LucasTransmissionFix basicly is a viscocity additive; silightly thickens the ATF which helps transmission shift smoother\quicker. Click here for YouTube test of LTF; have seen several of this guys product reviews, seems honest enough. It's a judgement call; if the new ATF & BatteryReset has fixed problem to your satisfaction, I'd probably not use the Lucas; easy enough to add later. No, don't reset the Battery every time; if the shift points are where you like them, leave it alone.
  15. DILLARD000

    Transmission Fluid change.

    Your plan sounds reasonable; I would drain+refill at least 4 times to get rid of that old brown ATF. Draining+filling Tranny on these is easy+quick; definitely should be done every 4yrs\33kMiles. Recommend using a premium FullSynthetic MerconV compatible ATF like AmsOil# SSMVS.ATF1g. Consider using 1qt of Lucas Transmission Fix. Also consider disconnecting battery for 15min, then reconnecting & driving conservatively to let PCM relearn tranny shift points.