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  1. Fingernip

    New battery and odd signs it was needed

    Same thing happened to mine. Also went into deep sleep a few times. No auto stop/start for months now either.
  2. Fingernip

    Thud from rear? slowly coming to a stop

    Hopefully its not the same problem I'm having. I believe the viscus coupler at the RDU is failing or the RDU itself. During driveshaft engagement and disengagement it had a grumble/grind and sometimes a thud. Its most noticeable during light acceleration around a turn and when coming to a stop. Slowly gotten worse and is now to the point where I'm feeling drag from the rear end. Dealership attempted a TSB reflash and it just got worse. Also have a leaking oil pan and waiting a updated oil pan replacement. Oil leak got so bad its burning on the exhaust.
  3. Fingernip

    2019 AWD Titanium 13mph 'thud'

    I'm getting a low frequency grumble or a series of thuds at around 13mph or so. I suspect it is the RDU when the driveshaft either disengages or engages. It can be felt on accel and decel and is sometimes accompanied by a torque vectoring sensation as if a rear wheel may be getting more power than it should. It only lasts a moment but has become more and more obvious. The grumble can be heard/felt even over bassy music at volume level 10 with the B&O system. I'm dropping the car off soon to have the leaking oil pan fixed for the 3rd time (1st time TSB was not accomplished, 2nd time they blamed my Ronin oil plug). I plan to show them in a test drive and see what they think.
  4. Fingernip

    Standard or Premium petrol for your ST?

    I run 93 only. I always have tons of stop and shop gas reward points so I generally only pay $35-40 per tank.
  5. Fingernip

    I've started to hate my ST

    I find the auto start/stop to be very tolerable in my edge. Rented a HRV and the "idle stop" was awful. The car shook and hesitated badly on restart and it lacked so much power already that it made just staying with traffic impossible. My edge its fairly unnoticed when it shuts off and restarts are quick and cause very minimal acceleration delay.
  6. Fingernip

    Edge ST 2021 miles per gallon MPG

    Your case is not typical. You will find most get around the EPA estimated mileage for both city and highway. Even my short commute and no warm up results in nearly the claimed city mileage. Also I use sport mode very often and wore out my tires in just 15k miles.
  7. Fingernip

    Edge ST 2021 miles per gallon MPG

    Agreed. My commute is 3 miles each way and I average 16mpg. Highway I get 24mpg (85mph Average)
  8. Fingernip

    Is this a good deal on this Ford Edge ST?

    The market is crazy. Its approaching what I paid for mine as a factory order. I get dealer letters offering 90% of my original purchase price from December 2018.
  9. Fingernip

    "Soccer Mum SUV"

    Isn't that what we do? We make things go fast that aren't supposed to go fast and we make things that are fast go even faster. Ford felt the market existed for a cheaper hot CUV than was was available from the Germans. You will have trouble finding a non tuned/tweaked or modded X5 NON 40i/Base older than 4 years. Subaru WRX break half-shafts if you look at them and it doesn't stop anyone. Focus ST motor swaps are becoming commonplace. Aftermarket analyzes the failure and develop stronger parts to prevent it. That $2000 (after core) transmission cost is a drop in the bucket. A tuner would have it built if it blows.
  10. Fingernip

    Air hissing noise when accelerating.

    In park it will not build much boost. I really believe its the turbo you are hearing with high frequencies tuned out and heavily muffled.
  11. Fingernip

    "Soccer Mum SUV"

    Absolutely. But many are willing to void their warranties anyway... Ford should let them. You cant expect the same durability with a 100hp+ tune. Ford seemingly doesn't even want it launched hard on the stock tune for some reason. At this point we really don't know what point is the weakest link.
  12. Fingernip

    "Soccer Mum SUV"

    We don't know that yet. Besides, we can use something to help drive the aftermarket for transmission upgrades. So far the Case and torque converter have been the weakest links. Case might just be casting faults and torque converter just bad batches.
  13. Fingernip

    "Soccer Mum SUV"

    You think the sport is less soccer mom-ish than the ST? I couldn't disagree more. Any CUV/SUV will have some of that stigma but the ST for me looks and rides how the sport should have. Just need to remove the torque limits so we can really play with it.
  14. Fingernip

    Air hissing noise when accelerating.

    I have always gotten what i presume to be intake noise in the cabin under heavy acceleration. Could also be stray frequency from muffled turbo not cancelled by the ANC system. Never sounded concerning and in fact kinda sounds cool.
  15. Fingernip

    I've started to hate my ST

    Not really a flaw.. The wipers should only be flipped up when washing or servicing the glass. No real reason to hit the ignition switch with them in that position. Cylinder deactivation on the dodge plus a better drag coefficient let it match fuel economy numbers to the edge on paper. So yes the dodge running with 4 cylinders can match the edge when running on all 6. How exactly did you mess up the wheel? Steering input will re-start the car, take a bunch of effort because of no power steering though. For me its a great feature and definitely saves me some fuel (although miniscule). Dropping someone off at the bank I just hold down the brake, I'm seldom in traffic so no stop and go annoyance. Sounds like an issue with the engine microphones. Early builds (pre December 2018) had the piped in engine noise turned up very loud and sounded awful. It was since tuned down/removed and even with an ear to the speaker its hard to notice now. The BMW X5 40i likely makes around 400hp. BMW is known for underrating their vehicles and dyno tests show the X5 making the claimed 335 at the wheels.