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  1. Fingernip

    Question about the S mode

    Yup modern cars have no mechanical interface between driver and power-train. The shift selector is all electronic and operator input is run through the PCM before any drive-line output is performed. Sport mode is unrelated since it is not a gear selection. The button just happens to be in the center of the shift wheel but could just as well have been placed on the steering wheel or the dash. Think opposite of eco-mode in other models.
  2. Fingernip

    2019 Owners - Miles logged

    It was a bit of a fight as the car was brand new and they had not yet serviced the 8F57 yet. It front from a shift solenoid to the TSB flash then to the TCC lockup solenoid which led to an entire torque converter replacement. The tread below has the entire history... its quite a read.
  3. Fingernip

    2019 Owners - Miles logged

    10886 miles on my 2019. Had the torque converter replaced due to lockup failure resulting in a bad buck at 2-3 shift and every TSB applied for the trans shifting. Other than that I have not had any issues.
  4. Fingernip

    Seat Higher in 2020 than previous models?

    First thing i noticed also. I went from a Gen 1.5 (2011) though.
  5. Fingernip

    Start Stop Disable

    I love the stop start feature. I even will roll down the windows and endure a bit of heat rather than run the A/C and have climate control force an early re-start while sitting at a traffic light. Ill sit and hold the brake down rather than put it in park when dropping off a passenger for a quick errand too. Tip: To avoid the auto stop and restart when shifting to park just turn off the car without going to park. it will automatically shift into park.
  6. Fingernip

    Ford ST SUV experience

    I wanted to go but only the Park City location was open at the time and its pretty far from CT. There aren't many flights and flight times mean I would have had to spend 2 extra days out there. Driving was not an option as the drive would take longer than the entire event.
  7. Fingernip

    New ST-Line

    😂 German megabrew vs American megabrew = German all day. But in terms of all beer (micro/macro breweries) Americans have the best beer in the world.
  8. Fingernip

    New ST-Line

    well the 3.7 vs the 3.5 was fairly significant. 20hp and nearly 30ft/lbs torque. Didn't help much in 0-60 but the 3.7 had a more sporty powerband. But yeah the 2.7 vs the 2.0 was a much bigger jump.
  9. Fingernip

    Any changes expected for the 2020 Ford Edge ST ?

    That sounds like 100% negatives... that sucks. I see the remnant of the center dash cubby.. looks like it lost a tooth.
  10. Fingernip

    ST at race track

    That is impressive. The 335 here would just look like a typical teenager car here unless you know BMWs to identify it as a rare model. Would make a nice sleeper and efficient daily driver.
  11. Fingernip

    ST at race track

    Thats pretty darn quick... but it better be for $70,000 ... Still not a fan of BMW but they have definitely done well with the M line performance.
  12. Fingernip

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    They replaced my TC for the bucking and flares. Ask them to disable the lockup solenoid and see if it still does it.
  13. Fingernip

    Ford Performance sill plate

    There was someone here that got mismatched exterior trim it was chrome I think on one side.
  14. Fingernip

    New/Used Vehicle To Keep Miles Down On The ST

    Don't worry to much about depreciation. It will do better than any non AMD Mercedes and non M BMW for sure (Closest price/size feature competitors) and about on par in % with Hyundai and Honda. Being a Sport model it will always hold a unique appeal to the right buyer also so it can beat the trend.
  15. Fingernip

    New/Used Vehicle To Keep Miles Down On The ST

    My 2011 Sport did very well I traded it after 8 years for over 30% of original purchase price. Also so far according to KBB my 19 ST looks to be doing pretty well also. Depreciation seems about the same as anything else on the market.