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  1. Fingernip

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    That would make sense. Thanks.
  2. Fingernip

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    US spec? From all Fords literature the liquid cooled version was introduced in 2019... that is interesting.
  3. Fingernip

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    It is. The 2019+ ST has a liquid cooled PTU.
  4. First off.. I have a 2019 so I cant completely talk to the 2020 models but for the most part they are identical. In fact the 2020 omitted a few features the 2019 has. - seeing that car sales are way down across the board, how desperate do you think dealers are to get rid of what appears to be a huge inventory of 2020 models? The ST being the least produced model may mean they are more willing to hold on to them rather than sell them at a loss. - the interior in my 2016 creaks and rattles like crazy. are the 2020 models better? The 2016 interior is only a bit different than the 2019+ and any 2020 models haven't really stood the test of time. My 2019 doesn't have any rattles yet that I notice. My sons booster seat and all my umbrellas/grocery bags and ice scrapers in the back make more racket than the car. - i find the road noise to be pretty bad in my 2016, both on the hankook original tires and the michelin winter tires. any improvements there? The ST has laminated glass and additional sound deadener. The stock continentals are pretty quiet and in general its a nice quet ride. At highway speed I can hear wind noise but its far less than any Honda but much more than a Mercedes. - the headlights on my 2016 absolutely SUCK. I live in a somewhat rural area and there is a lot of wildlife; bears, cougars, racoons, and millions of deer. I can't see didly at night. How are the LED lights in the 2020 ST? good? fair? excellent? the fact that there are fog lights would help light up the side of the road a bit which would help a lot. The LED headlights are fantastic. I don't have the adaptive lights and I don't regret not getting them. From what I understand the non adaptive lights have a wider beam to make up for the static line of sight. They are 1000000000X better than the halogen projectors my 2011 had. - finally, i'm wondering if i can keep a few accessories from my '16 and use them on the '20; 18" winter wheels and tires (no big brakes package on the '20 ST), rubber floor mats (original ford), the plastic tray in the cargo area (also original ford), the cargo area cover. the 2019 and onwards was just a cosmetic refresh and not a new car, right? my guess is that all this stuff will fit. There is no actual "big break package" on the ST. The brakes are the same size but with the calipers painted red and different ventilation on the front rotors. Your wheels 18" and up should fit. All of your items should fit fine still.
  5. Fingernip

    Shift points

    https://gearsmagazine.com/magazine/diagnosing-the-erratic-shifting-fords-8f35-57/ Pretty much everything you need to know here.
  6. Fingernip

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Saw this article and thought its a great place for it here. https://gearsmagazine.com/magazine/diagnosing-the-erratic-shifting-fords-8f35-57/
  7. Fingernip

    Oil leak & rear main seal.

    Yeah unfortunately. There may be design changes that don't allow the use of the 2020 pan on the pre-18 models.
  8. Fingernip

    Oil leak & rear main seal.

    There is actually 2 .. one is 19-2387 for 2018-2019. the other is 19-2219 for 2015-2017. OP said they have a 2019 ST though so the 19-2387 should apply.
  9. Fingernip

    Oil leak & rear main seal.

    Mine is in the shop for the oil pan leak. I'm in a 2020 explorer SXT loaner for at least a week. The pre-2020 pans are not gasketed and are very prone to leaks. There is a TSB that updates it to the 2020 style gasketed pan. Main rear oil seal leak is new to me though... that definitely sucks. Hopefully it was just oil from the pan blowing around making it appear it was the oil seal.
  10. Fingernip

    ST Wheel Lug Nut Suggestion

    Yeah its unchanged other than the door was removed. I cant even stand to leave mine open when the phone is plugged in. It would really bother me to not have the door.
  11. Fingernip

    ST Wheel Lug Nut Suggestion

    You can see here in the 2021 the door under the screen is gone. Just a gaping open space.
  12. Fingernip

    ST Wheel Lug Nut Suggestion

    It still has the pad just no door to close it off. They stopped adding the door above the screen in 2020. The dash looks weird with a random dent there and it loses that hidden storage functionality
  13. Fingernip

    ST Wheel Lug Nut Suggestion

    Happy I have a 2018 build 2019 model. Still have the engine cover, top dash door and even the CD player. the 2021 gets that big ole screen big gives up the bottom console door where the charging pad is, spare tire even without the performance brakes as well as all the manual climate control buttons.
  14. Fingernip

    2019 Edge ST sometimes shakes when shifting from P to D

    If you shut the engine off it automatically shifts to park. If you open the door while in drive it will give a chime and show "Transmission not in park" on the cluster display.
  15. Fingernip

    2021 Edge Order Guide

    I just have the factory ST hitch. That is roughly where I get it to occasionally work but usually on the left side only. I think whatever proximity sensors they used are a mixed bag.