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  1. edsasdelli

    Battery Charging Question?

    I have a Ctek Battery Charger Conditioner with a cigarette lighter attachment to charge a sports car that I have. Is there any way I can use that on my 2015 Ford Edge Sport? Will I do any damage if I connect it to a power outlet? Do they even stay powered up when the car is off? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Ed
  2. edsasdelli

    21" grey/black wheel touch up

    I have a 2015 Edge Sport with the OEM 21" wheels. The Window Sticker refers to them as "21 Premium Painted Alum Wheels" They are really not black, more like dark grey. What is best touch up to use to cover nicks and scratches? Thanks Ed
  3. NoDTMF: I have a 2015 Sport AWD w/ hitch (I tow a motorcycle, about 1,500 to 1,900 lbs total weight with trailer). I run the LMS 91 performance tune when not towing and the LMS 91 Tow tune when towing. Have been doing so since 2016, I have 50,000 miles on vehicle and no problems (yet). I have interacted with LMS a few times with questions/mods and they were terrific about getting back to me and answering my questions. Good Luck Ed
  4. edsasdelli

    Wheel Lugs?

    I checked the Gorilla site and socket needed is 13/16 SAE so OEM lug wrench probably wouldn't work.
  5. edsasdelli

    Wheel Lugs?

    thanks 1004ron. Do you happen to know if the OEM lug wrench fits the Gorilla replacements?
  6. edsasdelli

    Wheel Lugs?

    Anybody else hate these cheap ass wheel lugs. I like my 21" wheels but these lugs get all mis-shaped when you take them on an off. I used an impact gun to remove them (maybe I shouldn't have). They are not ruined but they are bloated, rippled and misshaped now. I ordered Gorilla black lug nuts #61148bcx. It doesn't specifically say Ford Edge but the measurements are the same M14-1.5" cone, 60 degree edge, etc. Also, my manual says torque to 162 ft/lbs.....wow. I was surprised they require that much torque. https://www.cjponyparts.com/gorilla-lug-nut-kit-factory-style-bulge-black-chrome-2015-2019/p/WHLLN20/
  7. edsasdelli

    Pulls to left on acceleration?

    OK, here is the outcome of my visit to the second dealer. They were very nice. I explained the problem. The Shop Foreman said they couldn't work on it unless he took a test ride and personally experienced it. So we did that, his name was Larry (see pic below). He confirmed it pulls to the left noticeably on acceleration and said they would look at it. Their conclusion was we checked everything, there is nothing wrong with vehicle, we drove another Edge Sport and it did same thing so we think it is operating normally. (see below). So I guess I have to live with it? Do your guys Edge's pull to the left on acceleration? Is this really normal?
  8. edsasdelli

    Pulls to left on acceleration?

    I took it to another Ford Dealer, they had the Shop Foreman drive it (with me in the car), he confirmed it pulls to left on acceleration. Then we drove another Ford Edge Sport from his lot and it did not pull to left on acceleration, if anything it pulled to right on hard acceleration. He is puzzled but said they are going to check it out and call Ford engineers to see what they think. My follow up appointment is next Tuesday, Jan 15th....I'll keep you all posted.
  9. edsasdelli

    Pulls to left on acceleration?

    you guys know way more than I do about this but I don't think it's alignment. I had Ford Dealer align it twice, print out shows all in green and it doesn't pull when coasting or maintaining, only when accelerating? Maybe I'll have them check the Lower Control Arm as suggested above, I don't know what else to check, tires are good, alignment good, lugs tight, tire pressure even?
  10. edsasdelli

    Pulls to left on acceleration?

    old tires were wore out, only reason I got new tires and new alignment.
  11. edsasdelli

    Pulls to left on acceleration?

    Car did not pull at all, I had 4 new tires (OEM Pirelli's) put on by Ford Dealer and had wheel alignment. Car tracks fine when cruise or coasting, but upon acceleration, pulls to the left into the oncoming lane of traffic. I took back to dealer, they aligned it again and told me there is nothing wrong, it's "right-on". I know what torque steer is and this does not feel like torque steer (plus wouldn't torque steer pull me to the right?) and if it was torque steer, why didn't it do it before the tires were put on? Any ideas. Ed
  12. Does this make sense to you guys. My 2015 Ford Edge Sport (AWD) with OEM Pirelli tires had no alignment problems, tracked straight. I took to NTB for four new tires (OEM Pirelli replacements) and an alignment. They printed me out a before and after alignment sheet that showed several measurements in the red before and all in green on the after. I drove it, it pulls to the left. They aligned it again, all green on the sheet and it still pulls to the left. The technician told me it is probably the Steering Angle Sensor memory. He claims the electronic steering memory is remembering the setting it used on the old, worn, tires to make it track straight and now that the new tires are on there, the SAS has to be reset. He told me the dealer probably has a tool for that? Does this make sense to you guys and is there any "manual" way to reset this steering angle sensor or do I have to go to dealer? I don't want to ruin a new set of over $1,000 tires. Thanks Ed
  13. I removed the right rear light assembly and it is certainly not "user serviceable" and Ben Senise (above) was correct the owners manual does say it's not user serviceable. So I put it all back together to take it to the dealer and now its working?? The only other variable is we had a hell of a T-Storm yesterday and it monsoon rained. Perhaps water got in there? keep you posted.
  14. I have a stock 2015 Edge Sport AWD. The right rear blinker is not working and the blinker indicator on the dash blinks very rapidly (much faster than other blinker). Is it as simple as replacing bulbs in rear hatch light or is it something more serious? Also, anybody have a link to changing the rear blinkers on a 2015+ Edge?
  15. edsasdelli

    Wanting an LMS tune

    I use the tow tune 91oct to tow my 6x10 utility trailer with everything from my motorcycle to misc cargo, no problems. I really don't notice any difference but the directions are bold faced "do not tow in performance tune" So when I tow, I do take the time to switch to "tow" tune. Not sure what changes are made to engine or tranny?