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  1. NoDTMF

    Brew City Boost Tuning

    Still waiting for my tune. I'm basically stock, just a 170 tstat. I will post draggy compares when I get it. I have a merge ramp where where I am hoping to break under 6 secs in the 0-60. My tune will be 91 octane. My edge is heavy, 4780 according to a truck scale. My best is 6.09 on 91 octane with unleashed. The 2 things I want examined are the early shift in 1st and the "messy" looking upshift from 2->3. @Special_K how does your WoT compare to this:
  2. NoDTMF

    Brew City Boost Tuning

    Here is the BCB Terms from the website: LICENSE RESTRICTIONS By installing and using the Tuning IP or Tuning Product, the Customer agrees that they will not: (a) rent, lease, reproduce, modify, adapt, create derivative works of, distribute, sell, sublicense, transfer, or provide access to the Tuning IP or Tuning Product to any third party, (b) use the Products for the benefit of any third party, (c) incorporate the Tuning IP or Tuning Product into a product or service the Customer provides to a third party, (d) interfere with any license key mechanism in the Tuning IP or Tuning Product or otherwise circumvent mechanisms in the Products intended to limit your use, (e) reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, translate, or otherwise seek to obtain or derive the source code, underlying ideas, algorithms, to any Tuning IP, except as permitted by law, (f) remove or obscure any proprietary or other notices contained in any Product, (g) use or allow the use of the Product IP in contravention of any federal, state, local, foreign or other applicable laws, rules or regulations, (h) use the Product for purposes for which it is not designed, including but not limited to using the Tuning IP or Tuning Product on any vehicles that the Tuning IP is not explicitly designed for, or (g) publicly post or distribute Brew City Boost, LLC’s Data Logs to its Competitors. So not sure Log files are violating the terms. That said I bought tune, and I retract my request.
  3. NoDTMF

    Brew City Boost Tuning

    Any chance to see a log file? or some graphs. I would like to see how the shifts behave, torque control, boost control etc.
  4. NoDTMF

    Spark Plugs

    This service now supports the edge, fairly cheap for service manual: http://www.alldatadiy.com So looks like a bit of work to get to all of the rear plugs. Note the gap specified is .028 -.031 Does anyone know where the .032 came from?
  5. NoDTMF

    Brew City Boost Tuning

    Hi, Was Brew City able to tighten up the 2->3 shift under WoT. I notice our tranny slips a lot and generates a lot of heat. They doing anything for that?
  6. I guess one could argue settles vs seated. If on assembly, the springs rotate away from their stops, driving around will over time will seat them. Does that affect alignment, probably not. In my case front was still aligned, my rear was “way out” apparently, seemed to drive fine.
  7. The ride is stiffer, but I now have more than 10K miles and I wouldn't go back. Far as I know, HR springs are the only springs. Drive for 100 miles after install and then get an alignment. I have 21" wheels. I have heard the 20" wheels can be a nice compromise since they will be a little softer.
  8. Just for follow-up, turns out my guards did fit in the original holes. I still used rivets for the front and the original screws for the rear. thus my install looks like roots57 ( even same color of the Edge)
  9. Any thoughts on the red ones? I see they are also on Amazon for 32 bucks free shipping.
  10. A little late now, but when doing my 2017 Edge there is an alignment tab on the seat of the top mount. In the H&R springs discussionI updated the install document posted by snmjim to include the picture, here is the link https://drive.google...KIwbBI3-Gs/view
  11. I don't see any sensor in the area where we mount the guards. I haven't heard of any issues.
  12. Waze updated their App to work in Carplay!
  13. I've order the 3M protective tape the Ford has used. My 2011 escape had it on the rocker panels from the factory...still there today. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LYZJNWX/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Nice write up: Some thoughts. I like the rivets because I have found they hold well and keep things tight. Not sure if that is critical here. Working on BMWs is what turned my on to them. BTW you don't always have to drill, they can also be push through. On mine guards, the external face my guards do line up well, but not the holes...weird. Maybe I screwed up and I will check next week Question....any concern about paint rub? Pros/Cons of using the 3M protective Tape?
  15. my bad...I sent it to Special K for approval......