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  1. Had to clear the A/C drain today...noticed the sloshing water "sand" noise in the dash last night. Last time it cost me a new A/C motor, hopefully I caught it quick enough this time. I followed MacT Ford Edge video on YouTube and it was perfect (although I never went under the car). Took about 2 min, but A LOT of water came rushing out. Hopefully all is well now.
  2. I live over in Strongsville, fairly close to Southpark Mall
  3. Drove the Edge a few miles down the road to pick up my Yamaha FZ-09! Haven't done much with the Edge since last summer...just normal maintenance. Need some warmer weather here in NE Ohio.
  4. Honestly, I haven't felt much of a difference yet...The back end was a little rough going over larger bumps but it was still good on the smaller stuff...But the Edge is currently on a road trip to NY without me so I can reevaluate once it gets back on Sunday and maybe they are broken in a little more...At 60k miles, I'd think you'd still be good...unless you're on some really bad roads often. Yeah, that was part of the reason that I told them to go ahead....also, because like I said above, a family member was taking the Edge on a road trip and I figured I would just get it done...it was funny though, because they originally told me an hour would get it done...they called me after an hour and they needed two more! Good thing I lied and told them I needed the Edge back 3 hours before I truly did...
  5. I'm at about 108k right now. But I've been switching between winter and summer wheels since about 80k. The guy at NTB tried to tell me I needed new tires because he thought the winter tires had 55k miles on them...they have about 25k...I told him I'll revisit it after the winter...They have plenty of tread left! Only reason I hate taking the car to shops.
  6. Had the winter wheels aligned and balanced, and also had the rear shocks replaced today.
  7. I drove the first extended period during middle of the night on Saturday and I was happy with the way the lights looked. I did notice the abundance of ground lighting by the Mini H1 projectors, but there's still enough ahead of me that I'm much happier than with the stock headlights. I think I finally have the height of the projectors setup properly, and I was pleased that the fog lights still seemed to have a job to do on the low side areas of the road.
  8. Switched to the factory wheels today before the harsh weather shows up. Got a car wash as well, since we had a sunny November day here in Cleveland. First car wash with the new headlights and they held up well, no sign of water inside or around the seal.
  9. Sorry, forgot to add that...OEM. I found a set for about $15 on Amazon. I remember reading about rotting washer nozzles on here from other members but never encountered that issue until last week...seeing the repeating occurrence of this, it surprises me that Ford didn't choose a better plastic material for a product that is consistently in contact with water, chemicals, etc. If you're going to turn the modern vehicles into half-plastic machines, at least choose a quality plastic material.
  10. So I still haven't been able to get a good reference point for the cutoff...the streets in my apartment complex are too curved for a night reference and thanks to Daylight Savings Time, it's now somewhat light out when I get to work...Below is the best I could do when pulling into a Panera parking lot a few nights ago...it's only a few feet away, but it at least shows that the output from each is pretty level...NOTE: I went with the B-stock Mini H1 projectors (the cutoff shield on the driver's side was warped towards the left side of the car, resulting in the beam slanting upwards) to save a little $$$. This was my first retrofit and I wanted to save $$$ in case I messed it up. Still is way better than the stock Halogen output... I'm still trying to fine tune the beam height but I'm pretty happy so far.
  11. Just replaced both front washer nozzles. Both of them crumbled when I squeezed with pliers...took maybe 2 minutes to replace them though.
  12. Thanks for the tip. I have all the tools and necessities at work with me so I can always fix if needed. I'm hoping to get a new car (trade in the Edge) within the next 16 months so we'll see. I'd then switch back the headlights and take out projectors for another project...
  13. Pretty much, yes. I scuffed it up the best that I could, and then cleaned it up before painting.
  14. Here's some more pics from the build...