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  1. Hi all, Has anyone installed an iPad mini instead of the OEM headunit yet? I saw Soundman Enterprices in Ca. selling parts for it, but prices
  2. jojos

    Ford Expands 2.0L EcoBoost Engine Plant

    In Sweden we only pay registration fee, inspection, new plates and so on. About 250€ in total when its bought within the EU. Takes about a week with all the paper work if you do it yourself, a lot of people pays an Importer 300€ extra, and has the car delivered at their driveway ready to drive.
  3. jojos

    Ford Expands 2.0L EcoBoost Engine Plant

    Frozennuts! Check out the webbsite AutoScout 24 for Edges in Europe, there are some Edges (42) for sale around here..both older and newer.. Just a friendly tip! But I do agree with you regarding the taxes, living in Sweden where we love high taxes...
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    Well dang... even kinda surprised myself! (off topic)

    Congratulations! Your last name looks Finnish to me. Do you have ancestors from Finland?
  5. jojos

    Fuel Economy -- 2 MPG Increase

    Congratulations, Glückwünsche! :hyper:
  6. jojos

    Oil Life = Oil Change

    Ok, thank you! Better to order my filter now then.. Coming up to a oil change at 62 000km.
  7. jojos

    Oil Life = Oil Change

    Hi, new to this forum and I love it ! Cellbine, how many days from ordering of your oil filter to delivery? (from a snowy Sweden)