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  1. obviously the SE has a different dash but there is a green indicator in the lower lft when the lights are turned on hasnt rained lately so i dont know if they come on with the wipers...
  2. louderstill

    Battery Charger

    i know this works great on every battery i thought might need some help...
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    Is Anyone Satisfied With Their Edge?

    you didn do enough homework... pedal pressure is everything any new engine has a breakin period i managed low 20's in the first 1500 but it was work at 2000+ i'v calculated 29 once on a tank that i did a fair bit of 45mph with the "no gas cap" thing it's difficult to know if you'v put in all the missing fuel some pumps start kicking off way before it's full but i'v noticed that the last few fills took a little less fuel than the computer says it's using which means it's getting a little better milage than its showing try actually calculating it over a couple tanks feather foot is getting me +/-25mpg "all the time..." fwiw
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    13 se

    thnx both of us are far happier than being in his 300 i never have been much for the mid-life crisis cars... the whole purchase process was literally: tuesday: tweek back pretty good gettin pop out tuesday nite: brain exercises on how to make the task easier wednesday: tell pop i have to make a change or i'l be worthless [ i we1gh ~150 ] it's all about seat height and door width wednesday afternoon look at the used market carrying a tape measure first time looking close at "the little egg cars" i didn even know the edge existed really i'v always had trucks or suvs i didn drive any of 'em interweb searching get's it down to a rav4 and the edge and to considering new thursday: i go look at the new stuff [there's a LOT...] friday: it's still either the edge of the rav4 [...fuel and i'v had toys] i told the salesman it was about my dad getting in [out was gonna be cake] and how much his trade was worth i knew their internet price and he started a little better than that they have a crysler store and pop's 09 ride still showed less than 10000 i was a bit put off by having to finance to get the other $1500 but i see their point so i paid ~ $50 interest instead of cashing out [no higher math skills needed...] when the finance guy was runnin the paper he looked up at me and said 'you and your dad pay cash for everything?' i did enough of that $15 for $20 on payday grocery finance as a youngster that i jus hate the whole concept fwiw
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    13 se

    had to get a vehicle to get my 81 yr old pop to his appointments transfering his 250lb frame from/to a wheelchair was killin me in his chrysler 300 december we went together and got the edge [his trade-in] mainly because it was a US manufacturer that didn take a bailout [yeah... i didn tell pop it was built up there... :shades: ] payed it off this week at just under $26,900 i did enough research to know i didn want the fufu stuff and i'm old enough to understand how this car buying thing works but i must admit i have been astounded at how expencive you can make this model over $40k for a cheeky little suv????? ...guess that's how they stayed in the black