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    2010 air conditioner problems

    I will see next time it happens. I was just driving for 45 minutes and of course everything works fine. I'll do some more long drives and see if I can repeat the problem. Because we all know dealers won't fix anything if nothing is showing
  2. nyrangers1022

    Horrible in the snow! Is this normal?

    Last winter I tested it going up a steep hill. I got stuck and slid into snow bank. Then I put it into Low on the shifter. With the accelerator floored, RPMs only climbed to 1800 and it climbed the rest of the hill no problem at a couple miles an hour. Then when it had enough traction the motor sped up and I was on my way
  3. nyrangers1022

    2010 air conditioner problems

    Hey guys, my 2010 has a problem with AC. Couple weeks ago I realized the AC was not getting as cold as it should at times, then go cold again. Then Just yesterday, it only blows cold when I have it set at 60 degrees. As soon as I bump up one setting to 65 degrees, it blows hot air. It is covered under warranty, but if its a simple $10 part, I would like to do it myself instead of paying a $100 deductible. But I got a feeling its a decent size repair anyway. Anyone know what possibly can be wrong? Thank you
  4. nyrangers1022

    Grinding noise when turning on ice and snow

    Just happened to me for the first time yesterday in my 2010 Edge limited. I parked on side of the road, where some snow was present. I definitely hit the accelerator to hard, ,making the wheels slip, therfore made a grinding noise. Is this the stability control? or is it transfering power to the other wheels
  5. nyrangers1022

    Aftermarket radios (need help)

    Well it depends. If i need to call someone, i can just say "Call whoever", or run vehicle reports and other minor stuff
  6. I have a 2010 Edge Limited with i bought used last year. It has the standard radio. Im looking to upgrade to a touch screen with NAV. Are there any aftermarkets that enable me to keep the SYNC system?
  7. I want to put these on my 2010 edge Limited. But for some reason i cant find them in Chrome. I want to match the rims and window trims. Anyone know any good websites that sell these?? Thanx
  8. nyrangers1022

    Weird vibration on turns??

    both ways, left and right turns....i figured its nothing alarming, i got nice Michelin tires on, maybe they are gripping real good
  9. nyrangers1022

    Weird vibration on turns??

    When i make a slow, sharp turn, (example, turning at an intersection), if the turn is a sharp one, when the wheel is cut almost all the way, i feel vibrations,,,,,Is that the AWD? or just my tires. Ive had the car for 2 weeks, and prior cars (without AWD) never did this
  10. nyrangers1022

    Just bought a 2010 Edge

    I traded in my 06 Fusion SE V6 last week for a 2010 Edge Limited with 36k miles. My main reason for upgrading was for AWD to get to work in snow (plowing roads is part of my job, so when i get called in, obviously no roads are plowed so i need to get around) I must say, im impressed with this vehichle. So just stoppin by to say im on the Edge board and will ask questions here if i have any