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    iOS in the car

    Did anyone see Apple's WWDC conference keynote? They unveiled a new feature called iOS in the car which promises to sync iPhones w/ vehicle cpu's for things like music, maps, calling and more. It doesn't look like Ford is signing up. Too bad, MFT has some shortcomings to be sure. http://m.intomobile.com/2013/06/10/wwdc-2013-apple-reveals-ios-car/?mstac=0
  2. My dealer told me it would cost $1100 to add nav. to my 2011 SEL w/o Nav. He said they would have to replace the cpu with one that had nav. I'm not sure how involved this is but for now I will just use my phone w/ mount and Google maps through bluetooth. It works quite well.
  3. I just installed a mount and adjustable holder from proclip http://www.proclipusa.com/. I got the one which mounts right next to the left air vent. I was a bit worried it would be stuck behind the turn signal arm but im happy with how it ended up. I also ran the power cord behind the silver trim and into the lighter charger in the center consol. I have a iPhone 5S w/ 2011 SEL.
  4. Sean Hobson

    Mud Guards

    Hey Gurufarmer, where did you get your flaps?
  5. Sean Hobson

    Plasti Dip my Grille

    Thanks guys. I think I will tackle this in the coming weeks. Maybe rims then front grill. Any forums/links/videos for taking off the front bumper? Seems like this is the best way to do it. I'll be sure to take some photos and post when i'm done.
  6. Sean Hobson

    Plasti Dip my Grille

    Has anyone done a matte grill and rims on a silver SEL? I'm considering plasti-dip for all the chrome front and back (including door handles) but would be great to see photos if anyone has done it. I did a little photoshop work and I think it looks pretty good. Thoughts?
  7. Sean Hobson

    New Owner - 2011 Silver SEL

    Hi Everyone, I got my used 2011 Silver Edge SEL last week and am really excited to have found this community! I have been perusing for the past week soaking in all the great ideas (to my works chagrin i'm sure). I've posted my first mod which was getting that ugly front bumper plate off. I just used a couple of chrome plugs found at Lowes. I also just ordered a new set of Weather Techs for front, 2nd row and cab which seem like the best way to go. Items on the horizon include: - LED Lights - Plasti dip grill and wheels (can't afford new ones for a while). Do you guys know anyone with a silver Edge blacked out? I did some photoshop and it looks pretty sick. - Seat covers (I have a two year old) - Homelink for the driver side visor - iPhone mount Thanks for the great resource. I look forward to interacting with folks on here. Sean