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  1. I have decided to post some closure to my problem a few pages back. I had one malfunctioning DRL. Dan was quick to respond to my email and sent me a new set inwhich he personally tested before shipping. I received it on the next business day and it included a pre-paid return sticker. Everything now works as it should and I am very happy. Dan's customer service is five star and if anyone here is even THINKING about going the ebay route, I urge you to reconsider. It's just not worth the risk. So, with all the discussion on alternative wiring practices, I have to ask if anyone has powered the white wires to the previous light tube wires. Correct me if I am wrong, but the only difference between this method and the original (headlight wire) method is that you will retain the "courtesy light" function during unlocking the doors. Everything else will stay the same as far as functionality.?.
  2. Well, I've exhausted my limited wiring capabilities and I have no solution. I even ran a jumper wire from the passenger headlight wire over to the driver DRL and had the same result. Then hooked up both white DRL wires to the same headlight wire and one DRL is glowing white, one is dim amber. WTF? That make absolutely no sense.
  3. I think I just ruled out the power source being the root of my problem. I took the passenger power plug out of the DRL and pluged it into the driver DRL. Same exact issues. I am starting to think I have a bad DRL. I still have yet to see the white LEDs on the driver DRL, so I took apart the splice to the brow/blue-white wire combo. While it was disconnected, I turned on the headlights and saw one change. No dim amber with the headlights. No white lights either obviously, it was disconnected. Turn sigs still flash, but dimmer than passenger side. I reconnected the headlight wire and everything is back to the same old head-scratching issues. Headlights on=one white, one dim amber. Hazards=one bright amber, one dim amber. What to do next? I was going to take out the pass DRL and hook it up to the driver lights, but I am wondering how much marring these wires can take...Thoughts?
  4. tazmanken, My edge has the yellow/purple wire on the passenger side, and I have that one hooked to black. The driver side is blue/green-black and brown/purple-white. I might try new connectors, but that doesn't make sense to me why that would fix my problem.
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  6. What am I doing wrong? My driver side is giving me problems. When lights are on, the passenger side is at 70% power white. The driver side is dimly lit amber. When car is on, passenger side is 100% pwr white, driver side is dim amber. When the hazards are on, passenger is 100% power amber flash, driver side is dim amber flash. Any suggestions? Pics of driver side connections:
  7. So how does one go about having the vertical lights as the DRL? In the AUTO position, I have no lights whatsoever. I would want just the verticals on at start-up, no HIDs, and I don't want to have to turn on the lights every time I go for a ride just to turn them off again when I am parked. I guess the AUTO lights feature has me spoiled...
  8. New Edge owner here....This will be my first purchase for the edge...Let us know when we can pre-order, Dan!