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  1. There is not a setting that you can adjust in Forscan that will allow the accent lights to automatically turn on as DRLs.
  2. So glad you like your new Bright TRAX 3D LED headlight bulbs, tsquale. Very simple installation, wasn't it? About as easy as plugging in a standard halogen bulb. Thanks for posting pics. Bright TRAX 3D LED headlight replacement bulb kit
  3. Hi dug66, I need a little clarification. Are you wanting to add the OEM style accent lights or are you wanting to install true aftermarket Daytime Running Lights? Our EDGE-2V4 LED DRL kit comes everything you need to install and operate the LED DRLs. Here is a link to all of the options we offer in our Edge DRL kit product line: DriveBright Edge LED DRL kits - Product page Here is a customer's Edge SE before and after pictures: Some of our other customer photos:
  4. We have had discussions on it, but we have not made the commitment to move forward yet. We will certainly be posting something on the FordEdgeForum when we do make a final decision.
  5. Yes, our Edge LED DRLs can be installed so that only the white LED DRL function is active. Just don't connect the two turn signal trigger wires from our controller power harness. Below is our installation video that shows how the trigger wires would be connected or in this case, not connected. DriveBright Edge LED DRL kit install video
  6. Thanks for the callout. We actually now offer an LED headlight replacement bulb kit that performs even better than HIDs. https://drivebright.com/shop/led-headlight-replacement-kit-new/
  7. We have actually just moved from our DriveBright HID kits to an awesome LED headlight replacement bulb kit. This new headlight LED bulb outperforms our HID kit and is so much easier to install. We have tested over 30 different LED headlight bulbs over the past 4 years. We finally came across this design. You don't need to use tools to adjust the angle of the LEDs like you have to do with almost every other LED headlight bulb. Just plug in our Bright TRAX LED headlight bulb to the vehicle plug and pop it in the headlight socket and your done. Just like changing a regular halogen bulb. Our Bright TRAX LED headlight bulbs work flawlessly on all model year Edges. There is no flicker, false start or auto start issues. There is a LIFETIME warranty on them as well. Take a look at these photos and visit our website. Bright TRAX 3D LED headlight replacement bulb kit
  8. kc300c

    Tail light swap?

    Thanks for the referral Nick!
  9. kc300c

    Puddle light installation

    There shouldn't be any interference once you get the hole cut. The mirror housing and internals are exactly the same as the mirrors with the holes. As for adding DRLs to your SE, check out our EDGE-2V4 LED DRLs with built-in LED turn signals. Our kit now includes the courtesy light function with the standard DRL kit. We also now offer a Black and body color accent feature. Here is the link to our Edge product page where you can find our DRLs: http://drivebright.com/home/shop/?filtering=1&filter_model=55
  10. Hi ylwpaul, Shoot me an email at info@daytimebrightlites.com or give me a call at 913-304-0720, so we can figure out what is going on with the one DRL lamp. Not sure why the white LEDs would go dim on you. I'm sure we can get it figured out and get you back up and running at 100%. Thanks, Dan Smith
  11. NEW color accent options now available for our already popular EDGE-2V4 Ford Edge LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL). www.DriveBright.com We added a new color accent cap over the top of the reflector inside the light to add a new dimension to the look of our DRL lamps. Color Option 1: BLACK (No additional charge) Want a darker look without sacrificing light output, the BLACK accent is an all around great option for any color Edge. SPORT'ier appearance Go to Product page Color Option 2: Body Color Matching Match the accent color to the body color of your Ford Edge. Truly unique and luxury look All body colors are available Go to Product page Color Option 3: Any color you want Just tell us the color you want and we do it. Want your school colors, no problem. Go to Product page Photos BLACK Accent: Body Color Matched (Photo of Ruby Red Metallic) White Platinum Tri-coat: OPTION 3 - Any color you want
  12. Yep, our current sale price is $57.00 for the Bright TRAX pack. You get the two Bright TRAX plug and play LED puddle lights and a bonus pair of LED replacement bulbs to replace the stock bulbs in your license plate lamps to give you a nice bright uniform white light surrounding your Edge. Here are some more photos sent in by our Edge customers:
  13. Hi John, Thanks for the great write up on your new Shadow Black LED tails with SPORT tinted lenses. They look great on your Edge. I am so glad you are happy with them.
  14. kc300c

    Map light bezel

    Not sure on the 15-16 model, but on earlier Edges and most other vehicles, the entire map light housing is press fit into the headliner. All you would need to do is pry your fingers in between the headliner and the light housing and pull down. Can you see any exposed screws or fasteners inside the sunglasses holder area. That would be where they would likely be if there were any fasteners holding it in. There or maybe under the lamp lens(s).
  15. Well, if it was the middle of July, had a good supply of beer and a nice golf course nearby I would be on the next flight ;-)