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  1. fledgex

    MFT Dead?

    Tuesday report - Called me today just before lunch. Edge is ready. When APIM programmed included the latest Sync update. Happy camper here. All free too. Knew that but let him tell me. Woot, woot.
  2. fledgex

    MFT Dead?

    Went to the dealer yesterday, they kepy overnight, called today. MFT is dead. New one ordered, should be at dealer Monday and installed Update Tuesday.. Also doing the 3.6 update.
  3. fledgex

    MFT Dead?

    Thanks Guys, Did the battery reset, no luck. Tried the Ford USB update no luck. Build date was like June 2011, so warranty good til June 2014 and just over 25,000 miles. Will report back after dealer visit.
  4. fledgex

    MFT Dead?

    2011 Edge Limited.. Get in the car, cranked and NO MFT. No radio, no nav, no display at all. A/C heat work thru their buttons. Rebooted and no change. Fuse or software? Have not upgraded the software . Ideas? Thanks..
  5. fledgex

    New Edge Owner in Korea

    Thanks for your service. I was stationed 13 miles South of Seoul in 1962 - 1963. Back then it was military vehicles, left over Korean War trucks and papasan with his A frame on the roads. Speed limit was 15 mph all the way to Pusan. I digress. Welcome to the forum and enjoy.
  6. fledgex

    Ratcheting headrests

    Need a set for front seats from a really late 12 or 13 in tan in excellent condition. Thanks.
  7. I think they get better the newer they are. AWD since you are in the NE? I would also go with the '10 out of those 3.
  8. fledgex

    new manitoba canada edge owner!

    Welcome, enjoy. Pics. Mods.
  9. fledgex


    Welcome, Enjoy the best Edge forum. Be sure to post pics.
  10. fledgex

    new 2013 Edge from Alabama

    Welcome fellow Alabamian. Just East of Birmingham here. Hope you enjoy your new ride.
  11. fledgex

    Sync Update v3.6

    OK, took awhile to get around to it. Followed instructions that came with the Ford USB. All was well thru the reboot and wait for about 20 minutes or so, 40 minutes later reboot had not completed. Turned car off, unplugged USB. Instructions said May have to do a master reboot. Started again and Nav, radio, etc does not come up to allow a master reboot. Gonna let it rest overnight and retry. Anyone else have this problem?
  12. fledgex

    AVS aeroskin hood deflector

    Does it use existing screws or bolts? Or do you have to drill? Thanks. I think they are great looking.
  13. fledgex


    Yes, we need the rain. This time of year, I look for an excuse to postpone yard work, but I usually buck up and gitter done.
  14. fledgex


    Also ordered a basket for the hitch. Came in last night. Got the hitch installed today, put the basket in the hitch, picked up the mower at the repair shop.......wait, now I have to mow... maybe tomorrow...need to rest today. May have to take a couple of pics tomorrow and mow Saturday.....Hope nothing else comes up. Just heard, MAJOR rain Saturday.... :hyper: