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  1. BMS reset did NOT work on my car 2013 Edge sel Larry
  2. Thanks to all that responded, I'll do the pass light and brake pedal and the sleep for 8 hours . I did the 5 bright light flashes, 3 pumps on brake pedal . This did NOT work on my 2013 Edge sel
  3. Haz, Thank you very much. I'll do the 8 hour undisturbed, see what happens. I installed the new battery and started using car, not thinking or knowing about reset. Low battery message has only come on twice in the 6 month since new battery was installed. Get message when startinng. Thanks again Larry
  4. Hello, Could anyone tell me how to reset the BMS on 2013 Edge sel , without tools. I get low battery message. Battery is only 6 months old and tested fine. Thanks Larry
  5. Thanks much for the info. I see the canbus bulbs have built in resistor. Pretty salty, might just leave stock ????? 😊
  6. Hello, Could anyone tell me if I can replace the stock rear turn signal bulbs with led bulbs. 2013 Edge SEL Thanks Larry
  7. Larry

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    WWWPerfA_ZN0W, I just thought I would throw the question out to you guys to see what others thought. I too am leery of adding to the coolant or oil. Larry
  8. Larry

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    Hi David, Next time I get to wally world I'll check out Royal Purple. I purchased the bars leak lube for winterizing my pressure washer. Couple ounces of anti freeze and small amount of bars leak lube. The I thought it may help prevent failure of water pump in my Edge. ( very poor design ) I'm also retired, 76 years young, have time on my hands and like you always thinking about over kill , must be how we were raised?? Our Edge has 68,000 on it now, So far no problems. I did change belts, more over kill. Still have original tires and brakes. Hard to believe how well the Michelin tires wear. Rotate about 7,000 miles. I switched from Motorcraft synthetic blend oil to Valvoline full synthetic . After switching oil the mpg increased about 1 mpg, engine is quieter and smoother. We take a 3 to 4 thousand mile road trip every year, average mpg has been 26.6 - 26.7 I think pretty good. I drive the speed limits or a little over. Sorry about being long winded Larry Northwest, In.
  9. Larry

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    Hello, I would like your thoughts about using bars leak water pump lube to help prevent failure. I changed coolant at 60,000. Only 68,000 on car now. I posted picture of what I'm talking about 2013 Edge 3.5 Thanks Larry
  10. Larry

    windshild distortion

    No I haven't noticed distortion there but do have some on both left and right bottom corners
  11. Larry

    2015 Edge oil pan issues

    I was chiming in with akirby about finding new dealer with a example of a bad one. Sorry I didn't ask a question.
  12. Larry

    2015 Edge oil pan issues

    My Nephew has a 2017 f-150 3.5 . Dealer just resealed his pan. I told him to keep a close eye on it. I also told him not to take truck to that dealer. Bad dealership. Techs are ok but what they are told to do is the problem.
  13. Wow, rust at 28,000. I would raise hell if dealer doesn't replace hatch. My 2013 has 64,000 Northern Indiana miles, salt etc. No sign of bubbles/rust anywhere. I do preventative liquid wax in bottom doors seams and hatch seam. I have to squat down , pull hatch down enough to squirt liquid wax in seam. I leave the wax in the seams. Just add more each fall. Rinse and blow out seams , let dry . For the hood I saturate small piece of cloth and push wax into seam.
  14. Larry

    2015 Edge oil pan issues

    Is the oil pan plastic like the f-150 I have a 2013 Edge 3.5 aluminum pan. Larry
  15. Larry

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    Catch Can? Why? Which engine do you have? Thanks Larry 2013 Edge 3.5