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  1. Ron Bemberry

    my 07 edge whats done and goin to be done

    new brakes plus I was bored so I painted my calibers red
  2. Ron Bemberry

    20140204 134711 Philmar Ave

    I painted it with dip the plastic paint matte black
  3. Ron Bemberry

    brake disc

    thank you guys for the advice
  4. Ron Bemberry

    Back-Up Camera Install

    I hav the the top sony cam and I mounted it under the wing
  5. Ron Bemberry

    brake disc

    OK guys and girls if any are here with us guys... now the edge was rated a 4 on braking system which sucks given the fact that the edge has a score of 6 on everything else. So I goin to swap out the old disk with new high performance drilled and slotted disk with creamic pads. .. which should give it a better braking job... do u guys agree. Tell me wat u think?
  6. Ron Bemberry

    Colored Brake Caliper Covers

    Ive done it on my other cars its real easy but recommend u do it wen u hav to change ur brakes... I plan to do mines wen I change my rotors and pads... and I dipped my wheels blk so I know its goin to really show.... like I said its easy to just paint them but they get dirty . Cause with a light color u will see dirt with the blk or normal color u don't. ..
  7. Ron Bemberry

    Untitled Album

  8. Ron Bemberry

    plasti dipped front end on 09' sport

    Go for it ... I did my grill my fog lights and my wheels and handels with matte blk dip.
  9. Ron Bemberry

    All weather mats Ford Edge

    I hav the all weather edge logo mats from ford ... I lucked out I hav all black interior
  10. Ron Bemberry

    About to install HIDS into my girlfriends 2007 MKX - DIY?

    Simply hidkits.com I bought my set for 50bucks
  11. Ron Bemberry

    pic of your car - right now

    Here are the pics sorry for the dirt
  12. Ron Bemberry

    pic of your car - right now

    Im goin to add the pics but my car is very very dirty we hav snow here and it seems to be snowing atleast once a week
  13. Ron Bemberry

    Roof Rack install

    I want to try tovadd them to my vista roof
  14. Ron Bemberry

    edge 2007 tuning

    I met a few guys on here that bought the tb spacer and they decide to sell them on here and when I did the research they said it would give u more power but wen u do the math it doesn't add up.
  15. Ron Bemberry

    List of Mods Goal -- inputs requested!!

    muffer sys get it from a local shop car id is a rip off reason u hav to pay for it from them and the local shop will charge u an arm and leg to install its better togo to a local shop the deal is buy it from them and cheap to no price to install...now as far as lighting anything u want u can do the fog lights buy them from the site u hav and add a switch and a fuse to it or run them to fuse panel look in the manuel to see what fuse section they would be in and connect it there.. puddle lights go to the dealer and buy the bulb or from the website where u seen the fog lights take off ur mirrors and cut a hole in them to the size of the bulb and they should lock in with there little tabs just run a line to ur center light to give u power... if anything else hit me up or anyone else and we will help