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  1. RadioBob

    Fog Lights anyone?

    To mtbalser: I finally finished installation of fog lights on my 2013 Edge (with lots of help from my trusted mechanic of some 20 years or so). Thanks for your suggestions and photos along the way. Here are some photos of the final result: I have not been satisfied witih the low beam headlights from day 1. Addition of the fog lights really improves the light pattern, especially off to the side when turning around corners. RadioBob
  2. Thanks for your reply, Russ. I have heard and read horror stories about HID bulbs melting the OEM halogen headlight lenses. Is this really a safe upgrade?
  3. Hello to all of you frustrated with the less than spectacular performance of the headlights. I have owned my 2013 Ford Edge SEL for three months now and I just cannot get used to the headlight brightness (or rather, dimness) and the beam pattern. I think I could live with the pattern if the lights were just brighter. I have done a modest amount of searching online and talking to my service representative and parts department guys at the Ford dealership and I have learned that perphaps the Sylvania SilverStar Ultra 9012 is brighter than the OEM bulbs. Do any of you know this to be case? The online Sylvania bulb replacement guide indicated part number 9012, but I have not yet found it at any parts store. Do any of you know where I can purchase the Sylvania SilverStar 9012? The Ford parts guy sent me to Walmart and, in fact, they have SilverStar and they, in fact, show that 9012 is the replacement bulb, but there are none on the display rack and the parts guy had never heard of the 9012. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. RadioBob
  4. To Maus: I like the work you did refinishing the fog lamp bezels on your '07. I just bought a 2013 Edge and was quite disappointed to find out it did not have fog lamps. Mike (mtbalser) has illustrated how he installed an after market kit fog lamp and it looks pretty good. My question for you is do you think the '07 style bezels will fit in the corners of the lower grill of my '13 model? The shape of the bezel looks like it might fit, but not sure of the overall size. I'm open for any suggestions for the best way to install fog lamps. Thanks. RadioBob
  5. RadioBob

    Aftermarket fog lamps on 2013 Edge

    To mtbalser: Thank you very much for the idea and the picture. Your installation of fog lamps looks great. I am now quite motivated to do something similar. I am really interested in the details of removing the lower plastic grill and cutting holes to accept the lamps. Could you possibly post some more pictures illustrating a little more detail? Thanks again. RadioBob
  6. Has anyone successfully installed aftermarket fog lamps on a 2013 Edge?
  7. RadioBob

    New Ford Edge owner

    Thanks, JOEHIO, for the suggestion. I found several references.
  8. RadioBob

    New Ford Edge owner

    Hello All, Please bear with me, I am new to forum use. Hope I do not violate customs or traditions. I just need some intelligent people and fellow Edge owners to share some good advice. I just recently bought a 2013 Edge SEL. I really like the car, but I found one minor disappointment -- it does not have fog lamps. Has anyone installed after-market fog lamps on an Edge? If you have, please offer some details and advice. Thanks for your help. RadioBob