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  1. AkMan13

    2013 Ford Edge SEL mods

    Yes anything on the windshield other than the strip is illegal. The front doors and the other hand is not. Well not everywhere. I understand in some places they don't let you have any sort of tint. I live in Texas. My county is very lenient on tint. I had 1% all the way around with 20% on the windshield and the 5% strip. Then again i have a medical tint exemption so 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. AkMan13

    2013 Ford Edge SEL mods

    How did you do this ? I hate the fact that the dome lights shine everything i have in the car at night when i turn off my edge or when i open the door
  3. AkMan13

    Radiator Fans

    Unfortunately it seems like the only way to really fix it is to replace it
  4. AkMan13

    Sunroof issue

    Could be the little motor giving out ! I had taken mine in for service and luckily it happened under warranty.
  5. AkMan13

    2014 Ford Edge appearance mods

    Giving it that sport look would honestly look really good ! I have a set of sport 22in wheels that came off my sport. If you’re interested
  6. Hello I bought a set of 65lbs 600cc injectors from DW to run E85 but because of some unforeseen circumstances i will need to sell all aftermarket parts for my edge. They went on my 3.7 awd and saw approximately 600-700 miles of E85 and 93 pump. not looking to get full price, just need enough to buy stock injectors. Thank you.
  7. AkMan13

    Cool 3.7 V6 Exhaust, Intake?

    3.7 V6 on my edge has k&n intake and muffler delete. Sounds pretty throaty. Thinking of putting it back on and running no cats for the pops
  8. AkMan13

    Lowering kit

    Yeah i just got my front and rear set of shocks and struts from summit Racing Equipment. B6 all the way around. I did notice some metal on metal sound when i go through bumps. I believe it’s the bushings but i could be wrong. If anybody has an idea please let me know. It’s kinda driving me crazy lol
  9. AkMan13

    Lowering kit

    i contacted Bilstein about the B6 being paired up with H&R springs. They were actually quite rude lol they mentioned B6 series is only for factory springs only. They said they don’t and will not be offering a B8 (shorter to accommodate for lowering springs) for the ford edge.
  10. AkMan13

    Is it a mistake to purchase OEM size tires (22)?

    Yeah I don’t really have a reason to keep them around. They no longer have the tpms in them. I took them off them and switched them on to my new wheels. I had discount tire break them down, take the sensor out, then put the tire back on the wheel. I am in Texas
  11. AkMan13

    Is it a mistake to purchase OEM size tires (22)?

    Yes i do. I am the second owner of the edge. There was slight damage on the wheels from the previous owner (probably because of the lower profile tire they had). It didn’t bother me because i knew I’d get a new set of wheels and tires anyway.
  12. AkMan13

    Fog Lights anyone?

    They aren’t exactly fogs .. they are definitely for off road use only. Too bright. Once i rigged it all up i knew i messed up lol i wired a switch into the bottom left of the steering wheel so i can turn it only when I’m on long stretches of road. They are combo lights so the top and bottom rows are for flood lights and the middle is for spot light. Definitely up there in brightness with my aftermarket 55w hid kit
  13. AkMan13

    Fog Lights anyone?

    yes i was looking for something like this too. All i wanted as a factory look and something really bright. I ended up going with the nilight 120w 3 row lights
  14. AkMan13

    Fog Lights anyone?

    I bought a pair on nilight offroad 120w 6in light bars . i wanted to insert them on the lower grill to make it look oem. I’ve having trouble mounting them as the supplied mounts aren’t really meant for the edge.