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    2011 Ford Edge Sport 22" Wheels and Tires

    If it doesnt go through im interested, i have 20" limited rims + tires
  2. Hey guys, woke up this morning only to find that someone smashed my 2011 Ford Edge Limited mirror last night I was wondering if it is possible to purchase the new mirror style with the led that come on the new limited Edge and install them on my 2011 Edge ?!? Thanks
  3. Okay guys, took it to a mechanic and he reset the system. Everything is fine, he just advised me to buy a relay harness and have the power source come from the battery so I do not fry the SJB. Hope it helps for anyone else that encounters this issue
  4. I just encountered the same issue, had a ddm tuning kit installed for over a month with the bulb out error harness to go along with it and now the headlights quit on me, even the factory ones will not function anymore ! Anyone have an idea of a fix ??
  5. Bump I would like to know this too !