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  1. Sounds like a great deal! Enjoy the new ride...as JOEHIO said
  2. unxpctd

    Newbie here from Edmonton, Canada

    Welcome! Great to know the Edge handled it well...! There are soooo many Ford Edges on the road...stay in touch....let us know how it goes!
  3. unxpctd

    Long Trip, impressions...

    No problem Jared! I got ahead of myself and was going to post a full review/update of the trip...but you jumped it..which is no issue! On my way back from Pinehurst, NC to home I met Jared (thirdgenlxi) for lunch...in his work town of Morganton, NC. It was great! Thanks Jared! Very nice to meet you and I know I'll be back in that area soon enough....and I'll look you up!
  4. unxpctd

    New owner on board

    I'm sure you'll be happy keep us updated! Mark
  5. Welcome 12Edge! First off I'll say I admire you...I don't have the same ability to do stuff like you're talking about on vehicles. I do wish you the best and I'm sure it will come out well. Take some pics and let us know how it turns out! Mark
  6. unxpctd

    Long Trip, impressions...

    Larry... 1Edge...I didn't want to forget you. Those are good pictures and I'm jealous of the mileage! I got about 24.0 total over 2800 miles with alot of bad weather, wind and mountains. I have the 2.0L Ecoboost and in good conditions it does well. My personal impression of the issues is the turbo...IE: Ecoboost. Anytime you get into the turbo the mileage goes down. If you stay OUT of the turbo...IE: straight roads, cruise control.... an Ecoboost will do better. Do I regret getting the Ecoboost over the V6? No... This isn't an Ecoboost vs. V6 issue... Anyone reading this..please know that the 2.0L will give you PLENTY of power when needed...and the mountain roads up and down are not an issue. Its personal preference...my motor at now (4150 miles) is barely broken in..and I'm hoping for some higher mileage! The V6 gives you AWD and towing possibilities...I did not need those...at all. I cannot say this enough....its not about the motor....Either way...V6 or Ecoboost you'll enjoy yourself. This has been the most enjoyable vehicle I've taken on long trips...ever. Its all about enjoying our vehicles...the Ford Edge. More to come on this thread tomorrow...gotta upload my mileage photo or noone will believe me
  7. unxpctd

    Long Trip, impressions...

    Made it home...about 2850 miles round trip. And yes..those pics are from the Smoky Mountains and the Cherohala Skyway. Mileage came in under what I expected...around 23.9 overall..over all the miles of the trip...but with the bad weather going down and heavy winds on the way home not to mention all the use of the grade assist and mountain runs I'm pretty satisfied...especially since it was so comfortable. Full review (with mileage pic) tomorrow!
  8. unxpctd

    Long Trip, impressions...

    Few more...
  9. unxpctd

    Long Trip, impressions...

    Well I had a great steak and got back to the room. Leaving for NC tomorrow. Here's a few really good pictures from my trip up and down the Smokies today!! All Edge releated
  10. unxpctd

    Long Trip, impressions...

    What an awesome day! The weather turned around and its been gorgeous! I put on about 230 miles today going up into the Smokies. Came down then went over west to the Cherohala Skyway...what a beautiful drive! I had the Grade Assist on for about 60% of my drive today and still came out over 20mpg...actually got about 22...which for the mountains isn't too bad! The Grade Assist worked perfectly. Really helped get up and down the mountains. I'm at a Longhorn Steakhouse now...pics when I get back to the hotel. I got some good ones! Mark
  11. unxpctd

    Front Grill Paint - Opinions Wanted!

    Several of those look good.....guess its going to be whatever the boss wants! Post some after pics
  12. Hey Gang! I've posted in a few other threads that I was going on a long trip... but I wanted to give my impressions of my new 2013 Ford Edge Limited on its first extended drive. I made it from my home in southern Minnesota, through the nasty Midwest weather and am sitting at my hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN. Tomorrow is a nice leisurely drive through the Smoky Mountains then onto NC for a couple days. First off...I hope anyone caught in the Midwest storms is ok...just reading the news and they appear bad. I got through Chicago before yesterday evening and down into Indiana before the majority of them hit. Day 1...980 miles Edge was purchased on Sept. 23rd 2013. Left on Nov. 16th with 1350 miles on the clock. Disclaimer: I LOVE this vehicle!!! I had so much fun driving this Edge for a full day....I cannot believe how nice it drives. Came off a fresh oil change on the 15th and left on the 16th. Pros for longrange trips: The vehicle has been rock solid. Quiet...that 2.0 Ecoboost is amazing. It kicks down when needed on hills and still doesn't go above 3K RPM's...very smooth shifting. The sound system is outstanding...I love the Sony system...rocks Sirius XM and songs on my iPod Nano. The 20" wheels are silky smooth on good roads....On bumpy ones I'll drop them to a 7/10 but still good overall. The Navigation...and My Ford Touch...has been OUTSTANDING....I cannot believe how much I love this system. Its been flawless. No issues with cell calls or climate....all work awesomely! I installed my Garmin Nuvi that I have in my work vehicle into the Edge just in case I had issues with the Ford Navigation. I was worried but so far the Ford Navigation has been outstanding and absolutely keeps the Garmin in check as they are head to head on mileage and directions. Just east of Louisville earlier today an alert came up on the Ford Navigation....that the Interstate was closed due to a crash. The Ford Navigation has popped up construction reports before and I just ignore them...so I figured they would have the crash cleared....so I pushed "ignore" on the Navigation. 10 minutes later...dead stop for 45 minutes....dead stop..3 lane interstate...for almost 1 hour. I could not believe it...the Ford Navigation was dead on....and I could have "avoided" it.. oh well..live and learn. I really love this system. I'm getting used to how to input information and its been receptive to my learning curve..so far. I stopped at a rest stop in Indiana for about 6 hours and sacked out. Yes..I can sleep in the back of this Edge. Brought a blanket and a couple pillows....throw the seats down and throw my feet up toward the front and on the center console. Not the best sleep...much prefer a hotel but for long trips I don't want to be getting a hotel every single night...so this works out well. Few hours sleep and I'm ready to go again! The cruise control is rock solid...stays dead on...I find myself bumping the +/- all the time to move up or down and it stays right with me. The HID headlamps are great...almost don't need brights! The view out the sides and windshield is great...sit higher than a regular car and have plenty of room for my legs being 6'6" and about 270lbs. Few Cons: Mileage....I've only been getting 23.5 to 24.0.....but its been raining or drizzling almost constantly over the 1000 miles. I was hoping for 25-26...but its not too bad considering all the bad weather and stop/start (Chicago for 1 hour) and that crash east of Louisville...stopped for 45+ minutes. I'll deal with it for the other positives. The front seat. I'll give it a 7/10... my lower back hurts a bit after hours and hours in the seat but after finding the right lumbar support its better. I haven't driven this far in awhile so I'm sure it'll change.. Overall the seat is very good..just takes some getting used to. Kind of a pro and a con...very comfortable...but in long trips (which I'm getting used to again) it takes a bit. The front end is light with the 20's...and the Ecoboost. With the heavy heavy rain you have to be careful...for hydroplaning in areas where it pools...most vehicles should be careful...but it seems to be imperative for the Edge. There were times in this 1000 miles the last day where I was 5-10 below the limit with full (high) wipers on and very limited visibility...its been a miserable day driving. Hoping it gets better. I considered a Fusion and Escape....both would have been great vehicles...but I'm so glad I chose the Edge when I purchased it in Sept. I can't wait for more trips....and I'm only 40% done with this one!!! Pictures to come tomorrow in the Smokies...if the rain clears!!!! Thanks for reading my novel...enjoying my relaxing evening at the hotel! Mark
  13. unxpctd

    New Edge Sport

    Nice ride fellow Minnesotan! Very nice looking ride!! I was through Savage today...went up to Eden Prairie via 13/169...in my 08 Explorer... Small world!
  14. The ventshades I went with...from Amazon. Look great...! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000V8WGIA/ref=oh_details_o01_s01_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I love nature....and with work haven't had much of a chance to see it. Decided to finally make some plans. Its all for leisure... Summer 2014: Minnesota to: South Dakota: Badlands NP, Black Hills Wyoming: Devils Tower, Grand Tetons NP, Yellowstone NP Montana: Glacier NP Washington: Mt. St. Helens Oregon: Crater Lake NP Summer 2015: Minnesota to: Colorado: Rocky Mountain NP, Mesa Verde NP Utah: Canyonlands NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Zion NP Vegas baby!!!!!!!!!! (+1 if you get the reference ) California: Yosemite 5K + miles each round... looking forward to the tour(s) November 16th, 2013 I leave for the Great Smoky Mountains NP...its a bit late in the season but I need to get away and take some vacation time...(maxed out now and don't want to lose it). I already love my Edge..can't wait to take some trips in it!!!
  15. unxpctd

    Ecoboost Fuel Effienciency

    I know I'm late again on this but I wanted to add: I'd agree on the Ecoboost...I purchased one. I bought it for the long range, highway mileage...close to 28-30mpg. Mine has 1150 miles on it and on a 150 mile round trip a couple weeks ago I got 28mpg...90% highway. I'm leaving on a 2800 mile round trip in 11 days and am guessing it'll be about the same...95% highway mileage. I don't need it for towing or AWD. I drive a 2008 Explorer 4x4 for work and have a 1999 Ford F-150 beater if it gets bad with snow here in MN. Also..and this is my personal opinion/observation: Most factory turbo's are de-tuned...meaning they could actually pull a much higher PSI than what they are actually tuned at. I run a 13.5 PSI Eaton M112 supercharger on my 2004 Mercury Marauder and thats about maxed out.... but it was originally tuned for about 8lbs. I had a smaller pulley installed (for more PSI) but it required a new tune. The 2.0 Ecoboost could probably put out much more but to get more life out of the engine its de-tuned to put out only 240hp/270lbs of torque. This way it lasts longer...less stress on the engine overall. Again..that last part is personal opinion...