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    All audio systems work, but... can't hear anything.

    UPDATE: With the power on, but not running, I still don't get sound but with no abnormal sounds or signs. When it's on, however (engine running), and I turn the stereo from on to off, the right passenger speaker gives off a high-pitch tone (it doesn't give the tone when the stereo's on, though). I thought the solution to my problem might just be a bad speaker connection, so I took the side panel off and unplugged the speaker, but with it unplugged there's still no sound with the stereo on. Now I'm trying to locate the amp. I've heard it's in the stereo head so I'm not about to take that apart... does anyone have any other thoughts/inputs/ideas? I'm obviously trying everything in my power to not have to take it to an electrician and pay a fortune for them to look at the same things I already have just to tell me I need a new sound system...
  2. Yesterday, I drove to the gym and back, all the audio worked, normal radio, normal Line-In for the iPhone music. Today, I turned it on all normal normal, and while everything appears to be functioning correctly, I'm getting zero volume. I know CD's are playing because the track time is playing, I know the radio is getting reception because it describes the station... yet with the volume on, mid-range or all the way up, nothing is happening. No white noise, no high-pitched whines... nothing. I checked all the fuses for everything related and those are all fine. Any other ideas out there? Has this happened to anyone else?