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    Engine vibration at idle

    HI chipster I will check it in reverse to see if if does it. Only does it warm engine though. If the idle could be set a little higher, it would probably be fine. It feels like the compressor is kicked on when it is not.
  2. Mr7853

    Engine vibration at idle

    Happens after car is warm. in park, drive or neutral with or without brakes. same vibration feel in cabin. I can feel slight vibration on armrest, steering wheel and sometimes my foot can feel it on brake. Car runs like a champ once in motion. Could it be vac leak? also there is a TSB for air leak in engine.
  3. Mr7853

    Engine vibration at idle

    I do not get any up and down in idle. The engine vibration is felt in the cabin. I only feel it when I am on the brake in drive or in park. no change in drive or neutral or park. Motor Mounts on a car with 2200 miles on it? Dealer says car runs smooth. Sorry I didn reply sooner to your posts. Thanks for your imput.
  4. Mr7853

    Engine vibration at idle

    I recently leased a 2015 edge titanium after trading a 2013 Edge. My 13 was smooth as glass at red lights or in park at idle. The ne 2015 seems to vibrate when stopped on brake, I can feel the vibration the center console armrest. Nothing earth shattering, but it is annoying. Anyone else experiencing these symptoms? No CEL, No codes dealer says it runs smooth. It is 3.5 v6 vct ti.