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    Towing: What can it actually pull?

    I have a 2011 Edge AWD Limited and am considering buying a camp trailer. The trailer weighs 2400lbs dry, puts 230lbs on the hitch. I really want to buy the trailer but I live in Denver and would wind up taking the thing over the pass. With high altitude and long climbs, do you think the Edge can hang or do you think this is just asking for trouble?
  2. Doug Hathaway

    2013 Edge Sport Alternate Tires/Rims

    I have a set of chrome clad 18" rims I would be happy to give to whoever wants them. I live in Denver and wont be paying for shipping. So either pick up locally or pay for shipping.
  3. Doug Hathaway

    Is Anyone Satisfied With Their Edge?

    Am I satisfied with my 2011 Ford Edge Limited? Yes, I love that car. It just looks right. When I see other Edges out on the street, they catch my eye right away. I love all the chrome in the grill. I love their overall shape, their sound, their features. I feel very fortunate to be able to own one. I take my daughter to Montessori school and there are some rather wealthy parents who take their kids there too. In the parking lot are Mercedes, porsches BMWs and audis. But when I walk out into the lot, I still think the Edge stands out in appearance compared to the rest. I know I am biased, but it just looks great. It has all the options I need, it runs smooth and fast on the highway, handles all the tasks a family guy who likes to ride bikes and snowboard needs. I recently bought new rims, will get a new exhaust system with short cherry bomb mufflers to give it a bit more rumble. So yes, very satisfied. I plan on keeping it for the long term.
  4. Doug Hathaway


    Nice wheels!
  5. Doug Hathaway

    MY Ford Edge

    VERY NICE! Great rims and calipers.
  6. Doug Hathaway


    Plastic cad rims suck. Move on to aluminum and don't look back.
  7. Doug Hathaway

    IMG 20131202 053355

    But the good part is...its removable.
  8. Doug Hathaway

    IMG 20131202 053355

    I like those clean colors, but I hate plastic dip.
  9. Doug Hathaway

    Dougs Edge

  10. Doug Hathaway

    Colored Brake Caliper Covers

    MGP makes some covers that look okay. I think you can have them CNC engraved to say Ford or Edge if you want. $179 on Ebay. I just started school as a machinist, I may eventually make my own covers.