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  1. Mark D'Andrea

    Transmission question and service bulletin

    I have a similar problem with my 2013 Ford Edge AWD. I get a "Thumping Clunk" noise when braking to a rolling and stop 8-0 mph and during downshifting at high speeds when accelerating. I showed them two TSBs that are similar to my problem tsb11-05-06 and tsb11-12-10. They said these TSBs didn't apply to my 2013 Edge model. Is there any TSBs that would apply to these symptoms. The Ford dealer is saying that these "Thumping Clunk" sounds are normal. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Hi Todd I found this forum Topic and this is exactly the problem I am experiencing with my 2013 Edge AWD. Where, when, and how can I get the TSBs that are being mentioned in the posts about this issue? Many thanks Mark
  3. Mark D'Andrea

    11 edge stopping noise

    Mine is very similar - at around 5 - 10 mph braking.
  4. Mark D'Andrea

    11 edge stopping noise

    I only have 4,000 miles on the vehicle. This noise was in the car when I bought it. I didn't know it at the time.
  5. Mark D'Andrea

    mysterious thump bump clunk sound when braking at low speeds

    Hi Todd, Not sure if you can help me because I live in Costa Rica. But my VIN is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and the name of the dealer in San Jose, CR is NASA. I'd rather not post my tele number in this public forum. But if you can help me I'd appreciate it. I'll be happy to send you my tele number via email. ​Oh the last time I took the vehicle in for this problem a week ago the service manager told me that it was the gas in the fuel tanks sloshing around. I said ok, I'll fill the tank and give it a try then. Well the noise didn't go away. But it is intermittent and hard to demonstrate when I go to the dealer. I have another date with the dealer for service to have the brakes checked. Yes I have checked all of the recommended, spare tire, jack, loos articles, etc.
  6. Mark D'Andrea

    11 edge stopping noise

    I have the same noise on my 2013 Edge SEL - only 4,00 miles. It is intermittent and hard to find. When I brake at low speed 5 - 10 mph I here a clunking - bumping noise underneath and I feel it in the center console armrest. I first thought it was the drivetrain - driveshaft center support, but the dealer said that the noise came from the gas tanks, LOL, when the fuel gets low it sloshes around the tank. Well I filled up the tank and i still get the noise. So back to the dealer for the 4th time... Anybody have any ideas what this might be? Ive been under the car looking and don't see anything apparent. I also check the spare and jack to make sure it was secure. Wish I knew what this was. It drives me crazy!
  7. I have a 2013 SEL Edge with 5,000 miles on it. The vehicle made a clunk noise when braking at low speeds. You could feel the clunk in the armrest between the driver and passenger seat. I took the vehicle back to ford dealer and they said they found a loose bolt somewhere on the rear motor mount. I took the vehicle, and the noise is still there. It doesn't sound serious but it makes me wonder if it is a safety issue or if the car will eventually breakdown on the highway. I'm taking the car back to the dealer tomorrow to see if they can find out what the heck it is. I think it may be the driveshaft dampener mount or what ever you want to call it. That is the only mechanical part in the area that the noise and the fell of the noise is coming from. I think that when I brake the car downshifts causing the driveshaft to bump this mount and then sends the vibration up into the car. The bump and clunk happen intermittantly and only when I am braking at low speeds i.e. 20 - 10 mph. The dampener has a rubber mount in it to absorb vibrations, but I think it may be defective and that is why I get these thumps, clunks, bumps. Any thoughts? Mark