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    Tap tap tap...

    Is this thing on? Check 1, 2...
  2. Mooney6959

    Shift to Park Warning when it's in Park

    So I have a 2011 Edge LTD FWD w\ 55000 miles ALSO with this issue. Is this strictly an under warranty fix only? I also have another issue w\ it that's driving me nuts. If you stay in park with the motor running for too long, the Collision Warning and Traction Control both throw fault errors on the left screen and become disabled. I'm surprised that's not some sort of recall in itself, since it disables the Traction Control. The sad part is I'm a pretty loyal Ford fan (LOVE my 07 Fusion), but this vehicle, as much as I loved it in the beginning, is really wearing Ford's welcome in my driveway.
  3. Mooney6959

    Edge Climate control doesn't work

    I know this is a crazy old school post, but I have the same vehicle (2011 Edge Ltd w\ Sync and My Touch) and the EXACT same problem. You set the A/C on Auto to 74 degrees F and you never know what you'll get. Sometimes you'll get frozen out, sometimes heat (which is rarely required where I live). It seems to want to gauge the cabin temp from the outside temp, not the cabin temp. It's my wifes car and this really has her ticked off. So, anybody ever figure out what the story is w\ this? Thanks!
  4. Mooney6959

    Issue with AdvanceTrac warning

    I just bought yesterday a 2011 Edge Limited, having the same problems w\ the Collision Warning and Service Advancetrac messages coming on in the driveway. Wife said she saw it once while she was driving, but I haven't replicated while driving yet. Has anybody found a resolution to this yet? If I need to return this car, I need to decide now. Thanks!
  5. Mooney6959

    2011 Dead Battery Issues????!??!?!?!??!

    I just purchased a 2011 Edge Limited today and noticed the same issue, both on the way home as well as driving. Has anybody found the cause to this?