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  1. Mario Ciliotta

    LED Tail lights and HID kit

    Are the lights still availible?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if someone can help me out. I am looking to put running boards and a hood/bug shield on my 2014 Ford Edge. My older family members are having a hard time getting in and out of the Edge. Does anyone recommend any running boards and do you have a photo of them installed so I see what the Edge will look like with them on. Also what is a good hood shield / bug guard to purchase? I am looking for one that I do not need to drill into the hood. Thanks Mario
  3. Mario Ciliotta

    New Emblems

    Hi, How did you replace the rear emblem? Thanks
  4. Mario Ciliotta

    New Emblems

    Hi, Can you tell me if they were easy to install? Did you need to remove the grill? Thanks
  5. Mario Ciliotta

    Bug Deflector

    Hi EGR, Does your deflector require an drilling? I also noticed that some deflector require a stand-off that needs to be attached to the hood (under the deflector) does yours require this? I hate to have to attach anything to the paint of the Edge. Thanks, Mario
  6. Mario Ciliotta

    Running Boards on a 2104 Edge?

    Hi, I just purchased a 2014 Limited and my older aunts are having a hard time getting in the car. I had a 1998 Explorer with factory running boards and they had no issues getting in and out of the car. Has any installed running boards on their Edge and are there any nice ones out there that do not require to much drilling. I hate to make holes in a car. Thanks Mario
  7. Hi all, I purchased a 2014 Edge Limited with a Vista sunroof and I wanted to get the side rails installed and the dealer said they would not install that option. I was told that if I purchased the side rails myself and brought the car in for service my warrantee on the sunroof would be voided. Is this true? If it is not true is it possible to purchase the side rails and install them myself? Is it a lot work to install them and does anyone know of a tutorial on how to do it. Thanks, Mario 2014 Edge Limited