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  1. Nevermind, I got my answer. It's about 44". My existing Yakima carrier will definitely not fit. Time to go shopping I guess.
  2. Hi everyone, brand new here. We will be purchasing my mother-in-laws babied 2010 SEL AWD in a few weeks. I would like to get the Ford factory roof rails and crossbars installed, but want to make sure that the Yakima box I already have been using on our Moutaineer will clear the rear hatch when opened. Our Moutaineer won't even do this, so I fear I may be out of luck seeing as the Edge has quite a bit less roof real estate. If someone has a 2010 with factory roof rack, can you measure the distance from the front roof rail (pushed all the way forward) to the hinge on the hatch? That should give me a good idea if my current box will fit with the hatch extended all the way up. Thanks!