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  1. randyk665156

    To big of tire?

    How much are you asking for them? Any pics?
  2. randyk665156

    To big of tire?

    So I want to run a larger all terrain tire and I’m looking to go from the stock 245/60/18 to a 265/70/18. I used the tire calculator on Tacoma world website and I know the are an overall 3” taller. This only equates to 1.5” increase in clearance issues. Also I know my speedometer will be off especially at higher speeds. I’d hate to order tires if someone has already tried this. Anyone ever gone to this size of tire?
  3. randyk665156

    Trade Strips For Rails

    I'm up to trade I'll send you a PM
  4. kelseybrown8804, I will trade my strips. I have a 2013.
  5. randyk665156

    Trade Roof Rails for Strips

    I will trade my strips, I'm looking for rails. I have a 2013 as well.
  6. randyk665156

    Remove factory side rails

    Did you ever trade your rails? I have strips and would like to trade. I have a 2013
  7. I have a 2013 with strips, looking fit even trade for rails. Please, need for upcoming family vacation.
  8. randyk665156

    Looking for roof rails for my 2010

    I have strips wanting to trade for rails. 2013 Edge
  9. I have strips and would like to trade for rails. If anyone is interested please let me know. I have a 2013.