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    Cooling Fan Assembly Testing and Replacement

    Thanks again akirby... I was able to replace the assembly without much issue. I had to disconnect the radiator hose to get the old fans out. The new fans slipped right in without issue. This seems to have fixed the problem. i drove the car around for ~30 with the A/C on high. The temp is stable and I verified the fans are turning on. My wife has been driving the car for the last 4 days (some of which were 100 degrees plus out here) and there hasn't been any issues. Again I really appreciate the help, saved me a lot of time, money, and headache...
  2. ezrawright

    Cooling Fan Assembly Testing and Replacement

    Forgot to respond earlier. Thanks for the link. I bought the Dorman part off of Amazon. It came in yesterday. I will be installing it tomorrow according to the instructions. Thanks again, I will let you know how it goes.
  3. Hi, My wife's 2007 Edge has been overheating. For a while it seems that the A/C is blowing hot air during idle. Then one day she was at a stop and the engine temp pegged and the radiator seemed to spit out all of the coolant around the reservoir area. She had it towed home. I refilled with coolant and took it on a drive with the A/C on max. About five minutes in it started to overheat. I took it back home with the temp showing still at max. I popped the hood and saw that the two radiator/cooling fans were not moving. My guess was it was the fans, controller or fuse went bad. To troubleshoot I unplugged each fan from the fan controller module and and connected each one to the battery independently one at a time.I used alligator clips to connect each of the leads to the battery. Neither one turned when I did this. Was this the proper way to test,, or is there a way I need to put the fans in a series for them to work directly with the battery? I'm thinking the fans burned out, one may have been working on it's own and finally gave out. I found some posts on this forum with people who had the similar issues and they replaced the fan assembly. One post mentioned instructions on how to replace the assembly somewhere on this forum, but I could not find them. So in short my question is did I test properly and if anyone has the instructions on how to replace the fan assembly. Thanks for reading and your help... -Ezra