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  1. Installed new battery and same result. On the dash only the odometer and the speedometer backlight stays powered. If I restart and do another shutdown it will completely power down. I’m wondering if a re-flash on one of the ECU’s might be in order.
  2. I've had my 2015 Edge Sport since new and in the past few weeks twice I've had a dead battery after shutting the engine off for a half hour or less. . I would get a jump and it would start right up. I knew something was draining the power but I could not identify what it was. Yesterday I think I found it. When i press the engine start/off button with my foot on the brake, gear selector in park, the Sync screen shuts down as well as the instrument cluster but the odometer stays active. Then I saw the driver alert pop up telling me the engine was running when it wasn't. I got out of the vehicle, shut the door thinking this cycle would shut all remaining power. It didn't. Got back in, started the vehicle then went through the same routine for shut down and it did not act up. Could use some help on where to look for possible causes.
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    Powder coating factory 21’s

    Same year and wheel size and yes same flaking issue. Anyone have good options on how to refurbish to match original? Only one wheel is flaking.