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    Shift to Park Warning when it's in Park

    I have the same problem with the sensors wrongly saying that I need to shift to park. When this happens, the interior lights stay on - which kills the battery. I have a 2013 Edge Limited with 70,000 miles. I have had frequent sensor (windshield wipers and lights) problems as well. Every time I bring in to Ford - they say it will be another $200. to see if they can find out what is wrong. Ford obviously does not have a clue about the cheap sensors they used. The biggest problems I have had - is that the sensors are tied together - causing other problems when one sensor gives bad info,
  2. chocobear

    Computer Problems Ford Edge

    My 2013 Edge is having computer/software problems. If I turn on the wipers (with rain on windshield), the wipers do not turn off unless I stop the engine. The automatic light setting, also turns the lights on - and when I get into sunshine - they will not turn off, until I stop the engine. This started after a software update done by my local Ford dealer. We have tried another software update, but still have the same problems. The Ford dealer indicates that they can attempt to find the problem - at $100. per hour. They don't seem to have any clue what could be causing this. Has anyone experienced this type of computer/software issues ?
  3. chocobear

    Computer Problems Ford Edge

    Changing the wiper arm with switch - appears to have solved the issue. It's a bit scary that there are so many sensors on the edge - that have already begun failing - and not under warranty.
  4. chocobear

    Computer Problems Ford Edge

    Yes - the auto lamps sticking has only occurred when the wipers won't shut off. and Yes - the headlights will turn off by moving the lights to the off position instead of auto. I was reading another section of this site - and apparently the "switch" that controls the wipers on the steering column has created this same wipers won't shutoff issue. I think I will try changing the switch - to see if that solves the problem.
  5. chocobear

    Wipers won't turn off!

    My 2013 Edge is experiencing the same wiper problems - will not shut-off until I shut off the engine. My local Ford dealer says they can look into the problem for $100. per hour. They don't have a clue why this is happening. The wipers continue to run on the dry winshield - which almost caused an accident - this is a very dangerous failure - with Ford not willing to fix unless I pay for a huge amount of investigation time. I have had Fords for many years - still have a Ranger as well. I can't believe that I bought the very expensive Edge Limited - and Ford will not fix my problems - because I have 55k miles. I think it is time to move to another auto manufacturer that understands computers and software. My SYNC system is a real pain to work with.
  6. chocobear

    Wipers catching

    I also am having severe problem with my 2013 Edge Limited wiper blades. Worked great up until I had Brandon Ford replace my blades with Genuine Ford Parts - Blades. The first time they replaced with new blades, the wipers jumped so bad that I almost had an accident. They said technician must have broken the connection when put on. Now the second set of Ford blades is also jumping. The new blades appear to not be supported enough as they bend & jump, about every third or fourth time. The wiper blades appear to jump worst when there is a light rain (jump less with no rain or downpour). This is a very serious problem!!!!!