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    gas milage

    I have noticed a black "sooty" substance on the both exhaust pipes on my Ford Edge with the 2.0 EcoBoose Engine. I emailed the service manager at Flammer Ford in Spring Hill, FL. and asked what caused this. His answer was as follows: " The substance you have noticed on the exhaust is caused by the percentage of "Ethenol" that is contained in the gasoline. It does not harm anything but just causes the problem you mention." I have noted others who have mentioned this same thing happening to their EcoBoost engines and would like to know if they have got any answers that differ from this.
  2. Lloyd Erickson

    What did you pay for your Edge Ecoboost

    I paid $34,000.00 out the door for my 2012 Edge Ecoboost SEL. That included a $600.00 paint protection application (Xzillon). The SEL has Sync, no My Ford Touch (Just as happy), 18" Chrome wheels, backup camera, Power lift gate, Not a great price but a great car.
  3. Lloyd Erickson

    Considering a purchase

    Looking at the Fall 2011 issue of My Ford Magazine, Pg. 16 you will see that Ford did some pretty extensive testing of the EcoBoost engine. I believe that should give you insight to the reliability of the EcoBoost engine. Hope you can get hold of a copy of this if you do not have one in your posesstion.
  4. Lloyd Erickson

    Ford Edge SYNC

    I have Sync in my 2012 Ford Edge and also had it in the Ford Esca[e I traded in. My dealer set up the Sync for me and it works fine. I think that Ford and Sync are a perfect pair. I do not have the Ford Touch system in the Edge and I am just as happy without it.
  5. Lloyd Erickson

    Edge Ecoboost Owners?

    I picked up my 2012 Ford Edge with the 2.0 EcoBoost on Mar. 16th. So far I love the Edge, rides quiet drives excellent. I have leather, back-up camera, electric lift gate and Sync. Also have roof rails. No Ford Touch and just as happy without it. The color is Mineral Gray, very pretty. I have the 18" Chrome wheels which sets off the Edge really nicely. I now have over 700 miles on the odometer, mostly stop and go with the exception of a trip to Ocala which was 85 miles one way. This pushed my gas mileage to over 23 mpg. I do notice that the exhaust is black and looks like it is running rich but the gas mileage seems to fine. I will wait until I have more mileage on the odometer before going back to the dealer and complain. I traded in a 2010 Ford Escape with only 13,000 on the odometer. It was a four cyl. and ran well but road noise was my complaint as it took the pleasure out of driving. The Edge is so much quieter and rides so much better. It was really too soon to trade but decided to do it and begin enjoying driving again. The trade was not to my liking as I believe I paid too much to trade but that's water over the dam. Anyway, I do find the Edge to be a very nice vehicle.
  6. Lloyd Erickson

    gas milage

    Bought my Edge EcoBoost on Mar. 23 and only have 335 miles on the odometer so too early to know what kind of gas mileage I get. So far it's short trips, stop and go. Hope to get out on the open road and see how she goes. I do worry about gas mileage as I have looked at the above statements and they are not what I expected. Time will tell. Let's hear more Ford Edge EcoBoost owners reports on gas mileage. I will return here soon to post my results. PS: Notice the exhaust is running rich (Black) Anyone else seeing this? Lloyd
  7. Lloyd Erickson

    Am I the only member? :)

    I bought my Edge EcoBoost on March 23. Love the ride and the quietness. Only have 335 miles on odometer so can't make any statements about gas mileage yet. I have read that you don't need to check the mileage for the first 1000 miles. Engine is peppy and should get better with time. Have the18" Chrome wheels which make the Edge really stand out. Oh yes, it's the 2.0 EcoBoost. Would like to hear from other Edge Ecoboost owners. The color is Mineral Gray and it's gorgeous ! Has the electric Hatch Door Opener and Leather. Has Ford Sync but not the Ford Touch. Still has two screens: one in the instrument Cluster and one in the radio. So far we love it. Lloyd