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    22 inch wheels&tires

    Nitto Invo 285 30 zr 22 on Diamo 39 Krate black chrome wheels only 10,000 on them sold my Edge my MKX has 22 $ 950 takes them home. call Ken 908 3477135 The wheels cost $2700 new
  2. kennethsacks

    22 inch wheels&tires

    I have no way of posting pictures you can find the wheels & tires on line
  3. kennethsacks

    wheels & tires

    no you can check them on line i will be home this weeking if you want to call after 8 am
  4. kennethsacks

    wheels & tires

    22 inch nitto invo tires 285 30 ZR on Diamo 39 Krate black chrome wheels only 10000 miles on them $950 I live in NJ 908 3477135. Ford Edge wheels new $2800
  5. kennethsacks

    New Edge Sport owner

    Hi i had a 2008 limited with 22 i kept when i sold it if you are intrested $1000 only 10000 miles on them call 908 3477135 NJ
  6. kennethsacks

    22 wheels & tires

    The wheels were on my 2008 Edge limited.
  7. kennethsacks

    22 wheels & tires

    Diamo 39 Karat black chrome wheels 9.5 wide & Nitto Invo tires 285/30 22 10.5 wide about 10 000 miles on them summer tires.$1000 I live in NJ call ken 908-3477135. My 2013 MKX has 22 alredy do not meed thes wheels & tires came from Steeda auto sports
  8. kennethsacks

    Edge 22 4 sale

    Krate 22 inch black chrome wheels with Nitto Invo tires 285/30/22 only 10000miles on them i sold my Edge the MKX alredy has 22. The wheele are 9.5 wide and the tires are 10.5 wide $ 1000 I live in NJ call ken 908 3477135 they were purched from Steeda auto sports. The wheels are Diamo 39 karat wheels
  9. kennethsacks

    Edge 22 4 sale

    I found the style wheel they are Diamo 39 karat wheels in black chremo
  10. kennethsacks

    Edge 22 4 sale

    Hi Rusty the wheels are made by Diamo and are called 22karet krate wheels as best as i can remember Steeda does not sell edge parts any more because people dont buy enough parts
  11. kennethsacks

    Edge 22 4 sale

    no pic's but uou can look on line Krate is the wheel company
  12. kennethsacks

    2008 limited 4 sale

    The Edge is sold.
  13. kennethsacks

    New on the forum!!

    I have a 2008 limited with 20 that i changed to diamo 22 krate black chrome wheels with nitto invo tires the tires are about 10 inches wide i got them from Steeda 2 years ago they look and feel grate on wet or dry roads i hope this will help you good luck with your edge.
  14. kennethsacks

    20" vs. 22" upgrade opinions

    I have a2008 with 20 and went to 22 from Steeda black chrome 6 spoke they are about 10 inches wide i also added a strut brace cold air intake and magniflow cat back and slamed it looks good pulls hard when on it and sounds great plus i get lots of looks from all kinds of people fun to drive go for it if you enjoy your Edge
  15. kennethsacks

    What Edge Trim Level Did You Choose and Why

    I have a 2008 limited awd and have added Steeda black chrome 22 they are about 10inches wide magniflow cat back strut brace and cold air intake. carbon fiber interior kenwood stero with nav. hid head & fog lights led tail lights deep pile front mates inside anilog tempiture gauge and i am not done yeat it has 76000 miles on it Love to drive it
  16. kennethsacks

    SuperCharger/Turbo for the V6 3.5l?

    Hi i have a 2008 and have installed a Steeda strut brace blrck chrome 22 steeda cold air intake and a magniflow cat back it pulls good on hard accelaterion and it sounds great
  17. kennethsacks

    Pioneer AVH X4600BT - Will this fit

    i have a 2008 and i put a kenwood with nav. from cruchfield i hop ispelled them wright i ordered it with steering wheel controles and it came with a remote the stero is a touch screen and all kind of stuf they can help you with anything you need
  18. kennethsacks


    just joined a Dec. 1 i have a 2008 limited with black chrome 22 cat back strut brace cold air intake hid head lights kenwood stero with nav. led tail lights and lots of small stuff it is a fun edge to drive
  19. kennethsacks

    2008 Edge Impressions

    i have a2008 for 6 years and it is great i have added a cat back cold air intake black chrome 22 they are hot strut brace hid head lights and lots more it is a great edge ken sacks