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  1. Tricia, I just PM'd you the requested info. Thanks again for escalating.
  2. Thanks Paul, I appreciate you taking the time to explain. Tricia, I will PM you tomorrow with the requested information - thanks for the offer to escalate.
  3. I don't know where to start. This 2013 Ford Edge AWD vehicle is only driven 5 miles or less a day commuting to and from the train station. A few months back, i began experiencing the reported natural gas smell, which through my research has led me to believe there's certainly an issue with the PTU. On top of this, beginning two weeks ago (and whether or not related to PTU i dont know) for the first 5 mins of driving after starting cold, the car clunked as if there was a metal or plastic item being dragged under the front of the car car which was accompanied by a heaviness in the steering wheel, as if something big and heavy was trapped in the front wheel wells. Felt like an anvil moving with the wheel rotation is the best way i can describe it. Unfortunately, both the sound and wheel 'feeling' completely disappears by the time id get to the service station to diagnose. Fast forward to the beginning of last week, the clunking had largely subsided on cold start, however I could recreate a different grinding/squeaking/metal on metal sound by turning wheel all the way to the right and beginning to reverse. Sound came from front wheel wells only while moving. Mechanic told me it was likely the transaxle. Told me it was safe to drive while waiting for service date - continued using car to commute. As of this past weekend, if i put the car in reverse and drive faster than 1-2 mph or turn the wheel while reversing, ithe car makes what sounds like a large bang under the car (followed by a whirring, and the transmission appears to slip out momentarily and the smell of burning oil or transmission fluid fills the cabin (cant tell which). Pressing the gas at this stage only moved the car slightly (under strain), though you can hear the engine working. To me, this seems to be a transmission problem, but i dont know enough about the PTU to properly diagnose. Is it possible a transaxle issue led to this transmission problem so quickly, or is the transmission the cause of the front axle sounds? I dont know enough about cars to know.. only that none of these issue should be occurring on a brand new car with under 10k miles. I have a scheduled repair with my local ford dealer on Dec 9th (first day a courtesy car was available), and want to properly explain the issue so its fully fixed. As it stands, i wont let me wife drive the car for safety reasons, and parking in NYC without having use of reverse gear is like eating without food. I could really use your advise. Thanks much in advance!