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    Dead Battery

    2012 SEL Loaded....battery dead out of the blue...speaking of blue, lots of blue acid around battery less than 3 years old. Dealer now says I have to replace harness...all for $1000....feels like a giant rip off...car ran fine after jump but battery died shortly thereafter...lease up in March...should I just dump this car (loved it till now) or seek a second opinion? Thanks all...
  2. Edbatizu@yahoo.com

    Battery leak...$1000??

    Went to start, out of the blue battery dead. Upon inspection blue gunk (acid) all round positive terminal. Took to dealer, says I not only need battery but new harness as acid corroded some wires. (Car ran fine after jump....no apparent issues). Here's the catch...$1000.00 to replace. Am I getting ripped off?? 2012 SEL - Loaded 42000 miles....love the car till now...?