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  1. carguy75

    Just traded in the 2011 Edge

    LOL. Weird choice I agree. I guess it is Toyota/Lexus thing to put the shifter on the center dash.
  2. carguy75

    Just traded in the 2011 Edge

    Thank you. We kept the black theme going with our cars. Here is our new baby. It is loaded with nearly all the options including a few(HID,power-lift gate,cooled seats,and navigation) that was not included on the Edge we tried to settled without. The Lexus RX is bit plain looking for my taste, but it is growing on me the more i look at it. The Edge did have a nicer entertainment system and cluster. However, the Lexus have the features that my family wants including a lockable AWD system which I incorrectly thought the Ford had as well. I really do like how the Ford Edge looks compared to the Lexus, but I can not argue substance over appearance. Before anyone thinks that I am bashing Ford I am not, I am just used to certain makes of cars but I gave Ford a chance anyway like I have with KIA. However, the Edge just not my type of car in terms of build quality and comfort. As it stands Ford actually can learn a lot from KIA.
  3. Well today me and the wife traded our 2011 Edge in for a 2011 Lexus RX350 AWD loaded. The Edge was a nice looking SUV, but it was not really loved in the household. So we took the advantage of the Edge low miles(only 30k) and traded it for a low mileage Lexus RX350 with 60k miles. So far me the wife are happier with the smoother,quiet, and more comfortable ride of the Lexus compared to the Edge. However, the Edge does have a sportier look in and out compared to the boring looking Lexus. But the Lexus is the more refined SUV overall as expected even with more miles. It has been fun here and I have learned a lot from you guys about the Edge, so thank you and happy holidays. I will post a few pics of the new car later.
  4. Well, Philips have made about 3 generations of the 9012 bulb, so I do not know if we have the best version equipped as OEM in our Edges compared to the retail bulbs available in the stores. My Edge is a 2011 model so I bet that I do not have the latest version of the 9012 bulb installed, however with that being said I do not have a problem with the brightnest of my headlights. Just the yellowish color of the light. Maybe you should just polish your lenses and see if it helps.
  5. I found a seller who ships factory nav-modules programmed to your vin number. So it looks like a owner with the non-nav touch option can upgrade to the OEM naviagtion with full features now. The seller seems to just ship navigation modules programmed to your vin number by using Ford VCM software. I may bite one day if I really feel the need to spend $800 dollars for stock navigation, not right now. Here is the link for someone who is willing to spend the cash to upgrade. http://www.ebay.com/itm/FACTORY-STOCK-OEM-FORD-SYNC-MY-FORD-TOUCH-GPS-NAVIGATION-RADIO-MODULE-UPGRADE-/151726733226?fits=Make%3AFord|Model%3AEdge&hash=item23539e37aa:g:B6gAAOSwyvBV-IPl&vxp=mtr http://www.oemautopartsco.com/products/2011-2016-explorer-edge-myford-touch-sync-gps-navigation-upgrade
  6. Does the stock bulbs have the Philips logo on them? Just because it looks like the same bulb does not mean that it performs the same. I will take a look at my stock bulbs and see if it is made by Philips or not. I think that my Edge has plenty of light for a non-HID equipped car hence why I have not changed the factory bulbs out. I would like to find a HID-look replacement bulb, but most are blue flim-tinted 9012 bulbs that are cheaply made which are dimmer than the stock bulbs from what I have researched. The Philips bulbs seem to be the only real upgrade for brighter output for 9012 bulb equipped cars from what I researched without using a HID kit.
  7. Very nice install!!! Only one thing i noticed maybe. I can not tell if you used only tape to cover your connectors, but if you did i would go back and solder the wire connections and use heat-shrink wrapping over the connections. And then I would use tape on the wires keep it then all neat and tidy. If you have did that that already disregard my criticism. I do see a soldering iron in one of the pictures, so hopefully it was used. Very nice work overall.
  8. LOL. I understand, hence why I just recommended the cheaper Kenwood speakers. I have made the mistake of buying $100 door speakers(MB Quart)and installed them in a 2005 Volvo S40 thinking that the premium factory amp could push them, however the sound quality ended up being lower than with the stock speakers until I added a matching MB Quart 4-channel amp. After the amp install the MB Quart sounded 1000 times better than the stock speakers, but lesson learned about adding high power quality speakers to factory systems even with amplifiers since most factory amps only push about 30-40watt max rms a channel at the most unless you have a Harmon Kardon or so other higher-end stock system like the Sony version in the Edge. A good rule of thumb is to divide the published stock radio wattage by half, since most stock wattage numbers are peak ratings. By dividing the listed stock wattage by half you are closer to the rms rating which is the more accurate power rating when deciding what speakers to use. Therefore a 400 watt peak system is usually really a 200 watt rms system divided by the number of channels including the subwoofer. So it would be close to 100 watts rms for the sub channel and about 25watts rms for the door speakers or 25wX4 + 100w. I can not find the wattage for the basic and premium Edge sound systems, but the Sony sound option is listed to put out 390 rms power so it is a 800 peak system which is pretty good for a stock system and would be able to push the higher wattage speakers I assume. http://www.myfordedge.com/specs/2011-ford-edge-technology.php For basic low cost upgrades to most stock Edge radios without the Sony system it is best to just stick with the quality brand name speakers in the 20-30watt rms range with high sensitivity of 90+ db. Just a bit of information for anyone reading this.
  9. Try the Phillips 9012 bulbs which are the best from what i have read as replacement bulbs go for our cars. http://store.candlepower.com/ph3rdge90h.html
  10. The best 9012 bulbs are the Phillips 9012 bulbs PX22D which are the brightest and whitest bulbs for our cars without installing a HID kit. Here is some info on the bulbs. http://store.candlepower.com/ph3rdge90h.html
  11. carguy75

    cabin filter swap

    I replaced the cabin filter in my Edge with a ATP charcoal-embedded cabin filter which removes odors/outdoor pollution fumes(Atlanta polluted air ) very well. http://www.amazon.com/ATP-Automotive-FA-14-Activated-Premium/dp/B004A6NBO2/ref=au_as_r?_encoding=UTF8&Make=Ford|54&Model=Edge|5858&Year=2011|2011&ie=UTF8&n=15684181&s=automotive&vehicleId=5&vehicleType=automotive
  12. I would buy some Pioneer or Kenwood speakers that have high sensitivity db numbers in the 90 range. Also I would not get speakers with rms power ratings that are more than 30 watts rms since the factory radio would not be able to push any speaker over 30 watts rms clearly. I would try these for a start. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_76466_Kenwood-KFC-C6865S.html If you think you will get an amplifier later, then i would look into the higher wattage Kappa and Polk speakers for the best sound. However, the factory radio amp just can not push them correctly. Just my advice to save you from buying expensive speakers that will sound very low/distorted even at high volume when pushed only by the factory radio, but the cheaper Kenwood speakers will give you cleaner sound and work with the factory radio just fine.
  13. carguy75

    Oil change time!

    I use Mobil 1 5w-20 full synthetic oil that has the Ford certification and have no problems so far. I do 4k-5k oil changes,but the oil looks like it could go longer or what-ever the oil life gauge recommends(I guess about 10k miles). If you do go with Royal Purple and still have warranty coverage on your Edge, get the API version(SAE) of the RP 5w-20 oil to meet Ford recommendations to meet warranty standards. http://www.royalpurpleconsumer.com/wp-content/uploads/PS_API_MotorOIl.pdf
  14. carguy75

    PTU Fluid change question?

    Thank you for the tip. I will have a look and see if it is the same for me on my 3.5. Your set-up maybe different than mine depending on how your exhaust is set-up compared to mine since you have the 3.7 engine. I really do not want to move the exhaust if it possible to do it the way you decribed on my Edge.
  15. carguy75

    Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

    What caused you guys to switch from the OEM tires??? The Michelin Latitude tires are top notch OEM tires even by aftermarket tire standards.. I thought that the previous owner of our Ford Edge went all out and upgraded tires until I learned that the Latitude tires were OEM. They won a tire comparison by Tire rack. http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tests/testDisplay.jsp?ttid=137