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  1. Actually, if it is a projector headlight, then no. if it has the cup over the light like most standard headlights, then yes HIDs will give you a really bad glare.
  2. Yes, you can attach HIDs, are you in Canada? reason i ask is that i can get good HID kits cheap.
  3. Hey guys, got a serious problem here. So last week my headlight blew, thought it was my HID ballast, turns out I was wrong and that there is only 9 volts going to my low beam. so I assume its an open circuit with a ground somewhere that there souldnt be. did this happen to anyone else? and i ckecked all the fuses and lines with a multi meter. Any help is great. I was thinking of just piggy backing off the other headlight to get the power, or just run a new line from the battery with a seperate fuse.
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    my 07 edge

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    Looks good, did the same to mine. when you bring it in for a balance or what not, ask them to put the weights on the inside of the rim that way you wont see them. will look a lot sharper.
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    I have the x3 and yeah i know. And no any tune from americanmuscle.com is strictly for mustangs unfortunately. Even with the 3.7. I found one from JET but im not sure if its good...
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    Remember, the more horses you have the more hay you need... meaning if you unlock more of the horsepower the engine can produce, the more gas its going to take. There isnt really a way to have both unless you drive reallllllyyyyy easy on the accelerator. But other than that i dont really think there is a way to have both power and fuel economy. I actually have an SCT tune for my mustang... trying to get a hold of americanmuscle.com to see if it would work with my edge.
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    In my expirience with tunes for automatic cars, it would to make the engine and transmission run smoother together. But what are you looking for? Fuel economy or more power?
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    Thanks so much, ill shoot him an email
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    I was wondering if anyone has tuned their Edge. was looking for a performance tune for my 07 AWD. I want a bit more kick out of it. any suggestions?
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    Thanks, Im actually about to get them. was just really curious about them since i never really heard of them.
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    Hey, I drive an 07 SEL AWD. I was wondering if anyone on the forum has ever used MAX brakes. I found them on amazon and am thinking of buying them. I've been looking for new ones and they seem to be a reasonable price. Any opinions? Thanks, Marco
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    Fog light housing

    Hi, Ive been looking everywhere to find new fog light housings, because mine seem to be corroding from the inside, they are losing the brightness and fogging up. Ford wants to charge me $150 each just for the housings without bulbs or anything. If anyone knows where i could get them cheaper, id love to know. Thanks.
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    How to remove the foglight plastic/chrome bezel?

    Its very simple, do not over think it, all you have to do is take a flat head screwdriver or small pry bar, and come at it from the front on the inner part, there are two tabs, one on the top and bottom, once those come out it will just pop out. this is on the earlier models, like 07
  15. So far, all ive done is change my sub and amp, put a 500 RMS rockford fosgate prime amp with a 10" MTX sub, becasue it was able to fit in the origional box, put MMR 20" rims on her, and have a K&N high flow intake ordered. hopefully it will come in soon so i can install. Also did full interior LEDs. Next week planning to change all my interiors.