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  1. UnderConstruction

    No Bass in my Edge

    If its a aftermarket radio you may need a harness that connects the sub to radio. If its the stock radio you may want to make sure that sub cable is connected
  2. UnderConstruction

    Audiophile system not working after install

    Just to follow up. There is a extra harness needed if the vehicle is equipped with a factory sub. This fixed my sub problem. As far as the door speakers, no luck getting the bass to sound like it did with factory radio...
  3. Hey fourm, I have a problem after installing an aftermarket double din radio. I do not have any bass coming from my speakers like I did from my factory radio. I have the audiophile speaker system, but after the install, neater the factory subwoofer works or the bass. I really appreciate your comments and thoughts. Thanks, Jorge Installed : jvc avx710 Radio Wire Harness (just one plug) Antenna Dash Kit
  4. UnderConstruction

    Projector Fog Light -HID-

    I was wondering why the foglights's output wasn't so bright. Seemed like it was a projector fog light but I guess I was disillusioned. In the future I will be likely to get some projectors and install them where the fogs are and figure out if I can install inside the headlight. Thanks
  5. UnderConstruction

    Projector Fog Light -HID-

    Hi Everybody, I recently added HID lights on the fog lights and I noticed that inside the fog light where the bulb it placed, there was a plate that is slightly opened. I was wondering If I should remove that plate so the HID can let mote light out. Has anybody tried this? I might try it when I have time, then post before and after pics for ya. Thanks
  6. UnderConstruction

    UnderConstuction Production

    Takin it one step at a time
  7. UnderConstruction

    How to remove the foglight plastic/chrome bezel?

    Thanks, one you replyed I tried it and I finnaly got it off, Thanks
  8. I'm trying to remove the plastic bezel from the drivers side foglight. My passengers bezel is broke and now it's just empty space, but the drivers side has the plastic. It looks funkey to me, but if anybody has any advice on removal I would appreciate it so much. Thanks
  9. UnderConstruction

    Anybody got 24''s on the Edge

    Ok, thanks, If ya do encounter some 24'' let me know Thanks,
  10. UnderConstruction

    Is this normal?

    Hello, I am not sure if this is normal for the edge but when I'm pulling out of a parked space the car shakes when I turn the wheel. I took my vehicle to the dealership but they said it's normal. I don't believe them so I am asking the real Edge experts. My questions, Do you have the same problem, or isn't normal? I have a 09 Edge with only 4,000 miles. Will post pics later. Thanks!
  11. UnderConstruction

    Anybody got 24''s on the Edge

    Dear Edge Fans, I want to invest in some 24s and I would love to know how they look and your opinion, If anybody has some on their Edge please relpy or send me some links, I would appreciate it Cant wait!!:happy feet:: Thanks,
  12. UnderConstruction

    Front Bumper Paint Job Price?

    Hope this information helps. Good luck. :beerchug:
  13. UnderConstruction

    Front Bumper Paint Job Price?

    Hello Friends, I just got my 09 Edge two months ago and rear ended a car. Stupid me!!! My question is how much would it cost for a paint job for my left corner. There are no dents but scratches, also I lost my plastic cover for my left fog light. Since I don't have time to invest in looking around I would appreciate it if anybody can help me out with the pricing of the paint. Thanks, Jorge
  14. UnderConstruction

    Did I get a good price on SEL

    Sounds like you did an excellent job negotiation, good price. There was no promotions available on Edges at Houston, only simple rebates. I appreciate your insight Thanks
  15. UnderConstruction

    Did I get a good price on SEL

    Lol, OK its understandable, Thank you though