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    TSS & OSS sensor change & PCU

    I'm about to do this TSS/OSS job on my wife's car. Not very happy about it but it is what it is. Thanks for the PDFs. I just need to find the solenoid filter in town and get to work. This is obviously a real common problem on these cars. Ours is 2007 with 99k, the wrench light came on the other day out of the blue but we were experiencing some rather rough kicks when shifting at slow speeds and the car seems sluggish when trying to go up larger grades. I hope this fixes the issue but we'll see, it was only $100 for both sensors so if not it's not that big of a loss.
  2. Heisenberg

    Edge seems to misfire...

    Back from the dead! I went to the Ford dealer where some work was done previously when this problem existed. They changed cylinder 4 injector. I had my neighbors scanner and it showed cylinder 3 misfiring. I bought a new injector and new spark plugs and threw them in and we are golden now! This is after we bought a throttle position sensor and throttle body though...$200 down the drain I guess... Thanks for all the replies!
  3. Heisenberg

    Edge seems to misfire...

    So we bought the throttle position sensor and it seemed to be fixed but after a few miles the probkem came back. It definitely seems to be happening at a certain throttle position and at any speed over 35mph. Going to do the plugs next and go from there to the cylinder 3 injector I guess. This issue is quite annoying haha
  4. Heisenberg

    Edge seems to misfire...

    sounds good man thx for the info
  5. Heisenberg

    2007 lincoln mkx fan problems

    Some connection is clearly hooked straight to the battery some how. Any way you mixed up the electrical connections?
  6. Heisenberg

    Edge seems to misfire...

    I see. Maybe I'll call Ford and see what they have to say about replacing this over the entire throttle body. Thx for the info! As far as that pic u attached, the part # on the box doesn't match the # on that part. Strange...
  7. Heisenberg

    Edge seems to misfire...

    I've never heard of a potentionmeter service kit. What does that entail? My wife jumped the gun and already ordered a new throttle body but this would save us about $110
  8. Heisenberg

    Edge seems to misfire...

    Yes I've ran fuel injector cleaner through the tank but no I'm not sure of a particular RPM this issue is at, I'll check on that as well. but she had someone read the stored codes and there were no active codes but one pending P0303 (cylinder 3 misfire). Here is what he told her: Here is the information based on the scanner The Long Term Fuel trims were perfect. 1-2% - means the fuel system is working properly, excellent in fact. The MAF was reading properly as well. No Knock or pinging was heard or detected No check engine codes. One pending code P0303 for cylinder 3 misfire but I believe it is a symptom not the cause in this case for the surging. I think it is the Throttle Body (TB) based on the erratic TB% The TB% would go from 24-26% to 56-58% with no movement in the throttle. This would cause the spark advance to go to single digit numbers and even negative numbers which coincided with the surging while driving. When the TB% was correct the car drove normal with normal power. Once the TB numbers went erratic, the surging returned. If it was my car this is the part I would buy to correct the issue. http://www.amazon.com/Standard-Motor-Products-S20040-Electronic/dp/B0065XUF9M/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1430510141&sr=8-2&keywords=S20040 What do you guys think? I'm still gonna replace the plugs but should I buy a TB now as well?
  9. Heisenberg

    Edge seems to misfire...

    She does and I will check into that tonight when I get off since this problem seems to be intermittent. Thanks for the advice guys and I'll keep this updated for anyone with similar issues.
  10. Heisenberg

    Edge seems to misfire...

    So my wife has a 07 Edge 2wd with roughly 80k on the clock and it's always had this issue where when you are driving it seems to misfire or maybe lose fuel pressure, not really sure. You can be steady on the throttle at any speed and it just starts sputtering. A lot of times it happens going up an incline but not always. You can floor it and it'll stop the sputter or you can let off the throttle completely for a second or two and it will go back to normal for awhile. She bought the car used and bought an extended warranty with it. This problem eventually triggered a CEL about a year or so ago so we took it to Ford and they changed out a fuel injector (can't remember which one but I'll find out). The problem shortly came back but in a very moderate way and since Ford took 2 weeks to change a friggin injector, we've just been living with it. Now the problem is back with a vengeance! She said the CEL came on again yesterday but by the time she got home from work and I could get it to AutoZone, the code was gone and their readers can't see any stored codes. So what do I think about this you ask? Well I haven't changed the spark plugs EVER, so I'm going to do that this weekend. (Are the plugs really factory Iridium?) But besides buying all new injectors I would like to see if any you guys have had this issue and if so what was your fix. If you haven't had this issue then maybe my description can help you help me diagnose this problem before something really breaks! Thanks guys!