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    14 Edge 265/50R20 with +40mm offset?

    Went with the 265/50r20 and they fit great.
  2. jasonmet77

    Ford Edge 20" Wheels

  3. jasonmet77

    14 Edge 265/50R20 with +40mm offset?

    They are 20x8.5 +40. Worried about the strut. It's really close to the top corner of the 18" factory wheels I have now. Thanks for the link. I've looked at that one before. What is the offset of the factory wheels? That makes it hard to guess the differences. I've seen some sites say +35 and some say +38.
  4. jasonmet77

    Edge Right Side

    Nice. What offset are those?
  5. jasonmet77


    What offset did you get? TSW only shows +40 as compatible, but those look like at least +30.
  6. Anyone know if this will work? I originally ordered +40mm TSW Donington's, but now I am rethinking it quickly before it's too late to find something like it in a +30. I believe factory 20's are +35? Thanks in advance