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  1. txgunarsenal

    2020 new rims & tires - 265/60r18

    It's on there. Cap sits in a bit, so a bit hard to see from that angle
  2. txgunarsenal

    2020 new rims & tires - 265/60r18

    For those wanting to know...yep...they fit. 👌🏼 I think they would rub the strut on oem rims, but all us good with +38mm offset. Nitto Ridge Grapplers - 265/60R18 KMC 708 (Bully) wheels in 18x8 +38mm offset
  3. The lack of aftermarket support for the edge is bringing out the creativity...possibly the madness in me. Hacked up my grill today, but I'm glad I did. 👌🏼 It's the Rough Country LED kit for a F250 Grill. I'm thinking 265/60r18s are next 👌🏼
  4. txgunarsenal

    20210518_172508 (1).jpg

    Do you know I'd they would clear on oem rims? What's the offset on the rim your running? Thanks, Alex
  5. txgunarsenal

    265/60-18 on 2019?

    It's crazy to me how little info there is out there on larger tires. Everyone has the same response about speedo being off and this % over stock etc etc....yea We get it, not concerned, just need to know if they fit. haha earlier sport models came with a 265/40r22, which is almost the exact dimensions. I'm split between getting 255/60R18 terra grapplers which I know will fit, or risking it and getting the 265/60r18 ridge grapplers. Thanks, Alex
  6. txgunarsenal

    Howdy from Houston

    First Edge, but long time Ford owner. Picked up 2020 SEL 2.0 that was a dealer demo. Liked the color, but not the silver/chrome/grey accents. Decided to give plastidip a try to avoid ripping apart a new vehicle. So far so good....it's been about 2 months or so. Absolutely love the edge as my daily commuter. Looking to stuff 265/60 Toyo AT3 tires, but have found ZERO hard info if they will fit. Might run 255/60 instead. 😑 So far mods - plastidip as front/side/rear/wheels - kicker hideaway 10" - husky floor liners Forscan mods: - high & Fogs together (Bambi mode) - global close added for window function - disabled auto start/stop - disabled double honk when walking away Thanks, Alex
  7. txgunarsenal

    2020 Edge SEL

  8. txgunarsenal

    20210518_172508 (1).jpg

    You'd be amazed how hard it is getting a direct answer if 265/60R18 would fit. Any issues? Thanks, Alex